[FIRST_NAME] Join Me & Put My 20 Years Experience To Work 4 YOU!

It’s finally here…Lead Lightning designed by Power Lead System!

A simple and basic lead system. It’s cost is about
the same price of 2 Starbucks drinks and it’s a ONE TIME FEE.

This system gives you the opportunity to promote
Lead Lighting and anything else you want to promote.
Earn $6 commissions when someone buys Lead Lighting.
Which is a a no-brainer!

So for $6 sorry $7 you can promote 2 opportunities
while at the same time you are building a valuable list
for the future. How’s that? I think that’s awesome
and what value you get!

In addition you get access to some, (not all) of the Power Lead
System. You may want to upgrade at some point but that is
totally up to you. It’s not mandatory.
However it’s LOADED with many features!

Lead Lightning has been operating for a few months now.
Really: don’t let $7 scare you away from a great marketing
tool that you need… We all need for that matter.

Get it NOW and be one of the thousands that will join!

John Lederer
Marketer since 1995
Online since 2000
Skype: john.lederer

P.S. As reminder check your spam folder once you signup.
Sometimes mail gets put in there by your ISP.