Are you still around, [FIRST_NAME]?

Many people have given up since PayPal closed
their account.

Are you still around?

Jones-Fritz Marketing is… and we are here to stay!

Email advertising is still one of the most
effective ways to promote, and this mailer is
gonna be one of the best!

No PayPal needed!

We already offer various NON PayPal payment
options as well as NON PayPal pay out options and
are working on adding even more.

We will continue to give your ads the attention
they deserve and most importantly give you

So if you’re looking for a place that offers you
quality advertising as well as a way to earn nice
commissions… please come on in!

I hope to see you there soon:)

Brenda de Reus

P.S. If you are in this biz for keeps, then be
sure to read that OTO CAREFULLY…you can enjoy
all the benefits for LIFE!