Notification of Payment Received.


I bet your heart just skipped a beat because
you thought you just made money?

Well, I’m personally not a big fan of sending
emails with a subject line like that BUT,

…I want to show you how to get these DAILY!

And in order to do that I need to get your attention
so I can teach you HOW to get these emails.

Firstly I want to show you what it looks like
when you do get these emails with the subject
line: Notification of Payment Received…

Here is a screenshot of my latest ones:
NOTE: Check the date, etc!

That right there is an INSTANT $150 payment
that I earned just by spending about 20 minutes
doing ONE thing on Facebook,

…I teach you what that ONE thing is about half
way through this video:

This video could very well change your life just
like it has mine and many others!

So if you are serious about freeing yourself from
the 9 – 5 grind and finally learning how to make
a REAL income online,

…I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to
watch this ENTIRE video.

See you on the inside! 🙂
Casey Heta
New Zealand

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P.S. You can use what you’ll learn inside IBK
to build ANY business online,

…I just LOVE getting INSTANT payments paid
directly into my Paypal account so I sell IBK.