Today the Greatest Day of Your Life?

It may be that today was to have been the greatest day of your life, yet you would let it slip as if it were any other day.

The one whose today is like his yesterday lacks a sense of divine timing.

No one should be content with present attainment.

Satisfied with what is, is to be a loser of opportunities.

Suppose that today it is in my heart to go and seek out a certain person, or take a certain action.

And to do so may result in something great.

But suppose on this day I am afraid of the cold, or something equally trivial, and do not take action.

I have let slip an opportunity and perhaps lost something of value for good.

And the trouble is, such occasions do not wait for us.

They pass swiftly by.

So if it applies to our today, let us take appropriate action.

No such opportunity must elude us.