United Games: 500 Affiliates in 2 weeks? My Goal.

The first 2 weeks in September have
been possibly the busiest 2 weeks of
my ENTIRE life.

I recently jumped on board United Games
with my partner and we’ve been pitching
it to our BMOB leads on a daily basis.

1st level affiliate signups are practically
pouring in!

Saturday: 29 affiliate signups
Sunday: 19 affiliate signups
Monday: 35 afffiliate signups
Tuesday: 41 affiliate signups

===> http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com/?rid=faith

That’s just from 4 days. And every single one
of those paid affiliate sales came from BMOB
leads. Serious.

I’m always on the lookout for offers
and programs that convert THE BEST with
BMOB leads and I think I’ve found a new
record holder.

United Games + BMOB Leads = Oh. My. Goodness.

BMOB leads just seem to be SUPER interested
in United Games. Enough that they PAY to
join as an affiliate, over and over and
over.. you get the picture 🙂

Once September 30th (the expected time
of “The PAUSE”) rolls around, there will
be no more mention of BEING AN AFFILIATE,
or “income opportunity” in UG. So, you have
2 weeks and thats that to lock in your
United Games downline.

My partner and I are personally shooting for
500 1st level affiliate sales in the next 2
weeks ONLY from out BMOB leads.

And I’m confident we can reach our goal just
as long as we have BMOB leads to mail.

Oh.. almost forgot. If you want to jump in
on this 2 week push in United Games, its best
you use the BEST ad swipe possible on your BMOB
leads to insure you get the highest conversion
rates (Time is of the essence)

Don’t fiddle with your own ad. My partner and
I have tested over 2 dozen approaches with our
ads for UG and we’ve refined it down to 1 single swipe
that pulls the MAXIMUM paid affiliate signups.

Want a copy of it? Just ask!

Theres no chance in heck I’d even THINK of setting
a 500 member goal for 2 weeks if it wasn’t for
BMOB leads. BMOB leads for some reason just seem
to eat up the United Games offer therefore they convert
like crazy!

Again, email me if you want my UG swipe.

Lets go, 2 weeks, United Games, hoo-raw!

===> http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com/?rid=faith

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com

P.S. After you join BMOB email me and ask
me for the EXACT swipe (email subject
and body) we are using for our 500
affiliate goal in UG. It’s proven to pull!

P.P.S I care about your results. Sincerely 🙂