THW Global (10,090 Users In My Downline)

As Many of you already know, I
am one of the TOP enrollers in
THW Global with just over 10k
referrals in my 10 level downline.

Nearly every day I get at LEAST
a handful of emails asking me:

– Faith! How the heck do you do it??

Well the cat is outta the bag!

Since THW Global’s PreLaunch I have
been promoting my THWGlobal affiliate
link with BMOB:


This part is important. BMOB is
the ONLY way I have been promoting
my 1st level in THW Global. This
is responsible for these referrals.

Here are my current stats in THW Global

level 1: 953
level 2: 45
level 3: 743
level 4: 444
level 5: 684
level 6: 846
level 7: 1064
level 8: 3744
level 9: 491
level 10: 1076

As you can see I have enrolled 953 users
in THW Global personally. The OTHER 9137
users came from me recommending my downline
use BMOB as well to get their referrals.

I know for CERTAIN that I will be one of
the highest paid affiliates of THW Global
once this thing goes live.

Simply because I have a ROCK SOLID PROVEN
way to get 1st level signups, and I share
that method throughout my 10 level downline.

I now share this method with you 🙂

It’s BMOB, and its the PERFECT fit for
enrolling IV’s into THW Global.

The proof is in my Sponsored Users report 🙂


Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.

P.S. Join BMOB and then email me.
I’ll share the EXACT email swipe I used to
personally enroll 953 of my BMOB leads
into THW Global. Trust me, it PULLS 🙂