I get 77 TIMES The Conversions (With Organic Prospects)

On June 30th I joined Organic Prospects
sale conversions.

Also on June 30th I started a adhits
banner ad campaign for MAPS at 25 cents
per click and TODAY I have only 1 CONFIRMED
& TRACKED sale conversion.

So Organic Prospects delivered me 77X the
conversion rates in this same time period.

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant

Here is the crazy part.

That ONE sale on adhitz ended up costing me 250.00
(ya thats 250 dollars)

Each sale from Organic Prospects has ended up
costing me just 0.78 CENTS!

Talk about a HIGH Return on Investment!

I enjoy reading the Organic Prospects Forum because
sometimes members share what they are getting results

Here’s what user: danieldmillican said 17 mins ago:

…I was able to reach the 400.00 payment threshold
in MyEmailMentor thanks for these prospects, so they
definitely work. I was getting a bit worried in My
Email Mentor and was thinking of pulling the plug
before I saw a banner ad for Organic Prospects…

I think you’ll dig them 🙂

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant

Dustin Gallagher

P.S. As a completely random side note, the
book “Cartel” by Don Winslow is a pretty
good read.