495.00 from ONE prospect.

Okay, this is just plain COOL.

In the past 48 months, I received 495.00
in commissions and profits from just ONE
of my Organic Prospects.

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant

Here is the deal:

On Saturdays mailing I tested a different
high-ticket offer on the prospects to see
the HIGH END of what they are willing to

My mailing went out at 8:25am on the 18th

By 12:30pm on the 19th I had over 125 UNIQUE
clicks to my doorway page and 19 prospects had
already opted in.

Later that day at 2:46pm I saw one of the
prospects buy my offers 195.00 package.

At 3:55pm THE SAME PROSPECT upgraded to
an even higher level for another 100.00

At 4:02pm he upgraded the FINAL addon for
another 200.00

So in summary I made 495.00 from ONE

This leaves us with the question of:

How the HECK did this happen?

It is all about GENUINE INTEREST.

Organic Prospects run massive prospect
acquisition campaigns on social media
sites, targeting people that want to work

Once they double opt-in, they are
graded between 0-100% based on their
Genuine Interest (how interested they
are in working online)

This next part will blow your mind.

They take only the ones that grade
between 75-100% and give you 70
of them EVERY DAY.

The rest get thrown in the trash.

Its like cutting the fat off a steak.

And it WORKS like NOTHING I have ever seen.

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant


Dustin Gallagher