My Lead Gen Secret FAQ’s (time is running out)


This is the only word I
can use to describe the
reaction I’ve witnessed
to My Lead Gen Secret
during March.

While it seems practically
everyone I’ve told about
this has made the smart
move to invest in it you
might have a few questions
before taking the plunge.

And remember;

There are only a handful
of spots left.

So I’ll do my best to try
and share the most common
questions I’ve had land
in my inbox this week.

Q. Can I really do this as
a total newbie?


You don’t need a website,
a list or any prior experience.

Q. Can I make money quickly
with this without having to spend
money on anything else?


You can get started right away
and be making money as soon
as today with this.

Q. Should I invest in this?


You should.

BUT be quick because not everyone
will get in.

Harris Manning

p.s. If you need a close working sponsor
that cares for you then I am your
guy. I will help you make this work.