Joel Therien’s #1 APPROVED Advertising Method

It’s a well known fact that USA
Lead Club members are at the top
when it comes to enrolling people
into Now Lifestyle.

100% without a doubt.

All month long the #1 question
I’ve been asked has been this:

Will USA Lead Club work for me
if I want to promote Now Lifestyle?

Each and everytime without delay
I respond with an enthusiastic “YES”

So why does USA Lead Club work so
well to grow Now Lifestyle?

1. Perfect price point target
(Your USA Leads have 100.00 to invest
and Now Lifestyle costs 50.00 per
month after the initial 1.00 seven
day trial period is up)

2. Now Lifestyle is BOOMING with
hundreds of USA Lead Club leads
contributing to its gigantic
member base.

3. I’m getting 20+ emails a day
from Now Lifestyle people thanking
me for helping them get started
with USA Lead Club.

I seriously believe all the stars
have lined up for this program.

Now Lifestyle and USA Lead Club
have been the two most anticipated
programs of 2018, but the key here
is that they must be used TOGETHER.

1 + 1 = 3

I’m ready and able to help you get
started and invite you to come work
with me 🙂

Candace Lee

My Best Email:

p.s. Get in touch with me even if you’re
not promoting Now Lifestyle and I will
be happy to work with you.