Does Newspapers Alive Work? Click For Test Results

You asked for it you got it.

My results testing the new ad site
Newspapers Alive are in.

Over the last month I have been
getting non stop emails asking:

“Does Newspapers Alive really work”

Well I just completed a 30 day test
of Newspapers Alive traffic and
just wanted to share it with you…

What I promoted:

– A pair of lead capture pages
– 2 Clickbank links I really liked
– An affiliate program costing 29.95
– 1 marketing affiliate link

30 day trial results:

* 117 lead capture page opt-in leads
* I earned 296.18 in Clickbank commissions
* Signup rate for 29.95 offer went from 6% to 14%
* 120.00 in additional affiliate earnings

So let me say this:

1. Newspapers Alive absolutely does work
2. Other marketers are achieving numbers similar to my own
3. The IP addresses were 100% unique with no bot traffic
4. The conversion rates are absolutely astounding

I could never in a million years
develop this kind of system and
reach this many people on my own.

There are very strict limits on
how many members they will take on
so I suggest you enroll before
the slots are all filled.


Candace Lee