(64 Minutes Ago) 254 Clicks & 7 Sales at 80.00

Ok so 64 min ago I received “view” and “click”
stats from someone who just mailed their whole
batch of 4900 Organic Prospects:

Mailed To: 4900
Views: 1231
% Viewed: 25.12%
Clicks: 254
Clicks to viewed: 20.63%
Clicks to mailed: 5.18%
Confirmed Sales: 7
Program Price: 80.00

If there’s one program you MUST be involved
with in 2018, this is definitely it.


I personally have only been using Organic
Prospects for 13 weeks but it is already my
#1 money maker compared to 78 other safelist
accounts I use every day.

I work in a tiny little office with 3 other
marketers and every one of them got 1-2 sales
their very first mailing to Organic Prospects
and every day it KEEPS GOING UP!

You’re Golden if you can handle these steps:

1. Signup

2. Select your first batch of 70 people to mail
(you get an additional 70 each day)

3. Choose an email ad and hit “send”

But will Organic Prospects work for you?

During this month of March which is usually
the slowest time of year for my business
I’ve got 51 PAID sales using Organic Prospects
(Mar 1st to Mar 23rd)

So yes Organic Prospects WILL work for you
simply because it is working for me and I am
nobody special 🙂

Join now everyone!


Candace Lee


The steps above I mentioned is seriously
all that is required for you to make money
with this program! I did it. Now you.