Welcome to ORU

ORU: Have you joined yet?It’s worldwide in 90+ countries already and gives everyone a prepaid Visa they can load $ to with paypal or credit card (they have a partnership)that allows you to pay anyone else with the same Visa all over the world.This is a game-changer just $5.95/mo and you pay $29 the first time to activate it and have it sent to you plus there is a rewards system,you can sell stuff on there, chat and setup a profile..you can even advertise to members.I am thinking about making my sites so that Ican pay members commissions using ORU.We can send money to one another and it is instantly on our Visa card with no fees.Here is the recorded webinar explaining: https://youtu.be/0-mhOUeZKkkHere is my URL for you to join:https://www.orumarketplace.com/register.php?refcode=CLI1691I predict many many many sites, traffic sites, money-making programs, and more will be using ORU.  Do not wait.I am telling you to jump on this now.Frank Salinas