MyPremiumAds: NEW! VIP/Founder 37.00 FIRST 100!

MyPremiumAds:  NEW! VIP/Founder 37.00 FIRST 100!

Hi there, it’s Dave Mosher in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX again! Announcing the new launch of MyPremiumAds!

VIP/Founder OTO is only 37.00 for the FIRST 100! Pays 80% Commissions!

I own this one, so I’ve included my “36 Super Solo Bonuses” in the OTO for you to use to bank up to 80% commissions! That’s right, it doesn’t matter who the referrer is, those bonuses are included!

TWO Promo Codes!!!

Promo Code #1:  welcome

Promo Code #2 (includes a 6-pack of ads):  thanksdave

Just for reading this ad, there’s ANOTHER Promo Code for a 5-Pack of ads over at FeaturedSafelist!

Plus, we have a 300.00 Cash Contest until the site reaches 1,000 members!

Go check it out now!

To your online success!

Dave Mosher – Owner