MasterSafelistBlaster: Early Bird Packages Now As Low As 59.95

NEW Ad Blaster: 

Early Bird Packages Now As Low As 59.95

Hi there, it's Dave Mosher in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX again. We've officially set the date for the first week of June, 2018 for my NEW MasterSafelistBlaster!

When all is said and done, you’ll be about to submit Solo Ads, Banners, Button Ads, Text Links, and even Sponsored Login Ads to 160+ Safelists/Viral Mailer sites, totaling roughly 300,000 combined members from one location. Saving you a ton of time, and a ton of money promoting your offers.

So I’ve put together an “Early Bird Sale,” for the first 100 customers that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! Plus, you’ll be one of the first ones to access the site before anyone else when it officially goes online.

There are already less than 90 “Early Bird” packages left. Once all 100 packages are sold, the purchase buttons will be removed, but the page will remain up so you can bookmark it for future reference.

I have also received requests from customers to add some smaller packages that would fit better in their budget for now. So I've added a 99.95 package, and a 59.95 package to they can lock in their spot and be one of the first to register when MasterSafelistBlaster opens in June 2018.

These smaller packages are not as jam-packed with as much value as the main package, but you still get a lot of value.

To your online success!

Dave Mosher - MasterSafelistBlaster