100% Passive Income


Turn onetime $5 into $550 over and over again!

7 Level Company Forced Matrix – Spillover

Every time you cycle a Level, you get cash in your available balance, you get cash in your repurchase Balance and most important, you enter automatically the next Level!

YOU cycle all 7 Levels again and again, even if you join only with just one single position!

Why? You create AUTOMATICALLY more and more positions (re-entry Level 1)

This means, even if you only start with 1 position, you will earn the $550.00 again and again!

The System is unstoppable, because EVERYTIME any position in Level 2 and 7 cycle, the system generates AUTOMATICALLY a new position in Level 1!

30% repurchase make the system perfect! Everyone use 30% from his income to purchase new positions in level 1!

100% Passive Income… Sponsoring not required to earn, …but if you do, then you earn amazing Sponsor Bonus!

Keep rocking!