Fun and exciting ASTRO AUCTIONS!

Astro is based on the popular silent auction model, but SFI has gone much, much further. Indeed, in Astro, SFI has completely reimagined the online auction and built an amazing, totally new kind of auction that we think you’re going to LOVE participating in and marketing to the world.

Whenever you win an Astro Auction, there’s nothing to pay for, no checkout to go through, etc. You already took care of everything when you placed your bid! So when you win, SFI simply delivers it to you automatically! For digital items like TCredits and CSAs, they’ll be dropped into your account instantly. For physical items, they’ll get queued to ship to you ASAP.

Highly recommended! Try it now: http://www.sfi4.com/16006868/Astro

Join SFI: http://www.sfi4.com/16006868/FREE

Good luck! Duka