Hugh Contest before Launch Tomorrow


Congratulations and kudos to everyone that have come this far with us @bitdonors syndicate.
We are happy to know and ascertain that launch for bitdonors syndicate remains the same date as set earlier (July 15).

We are giving out goodies again..

It goes as thus.

We all know a position in our cycler cost 50cent and each member would be buying a minimum of 20 positions. You can imagine how many positions coming in on the launch date already!!! We are so excited.
How would you feel if we tell you that you could get a chance to skip the lines up to level 4….

You just need to deposit a minimum of 100$. You get to skip lower levels up to level 4, hence getting a chance to reach the 1000$ cash out level faster than those that would be starting at the first level..
Shoot now! Make your deposit now 🙂

I don’t have up to 100$? Any deposit above $50 get to skip lower levels up to level three ( you start from level 3)

I don’t have 50$? Deposit above 35$ to qualify for a level 2 position.

These are all for now. More goodies on the way..

Note : grand plan (last level) is available for direct purchase.

Start now.