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Make 30% more money with TubeSharing by selling your best quality traffic. We made it simple for our traffic sellers: fast registration and easy launch with no approval requirements! Monetize any website with any volume for desktop or mobile devices. You control your daily profit and manage detailed statistics.

Better quality traffic = more profit! Our traffic buying system is targeted to high quality content and constant ad inventory growth to help webmasters choose the right profitable video feed that grows earnings and users. We run 10 tubes with 607,817 videos. We upload more than 600 videos per day and generate more 9,740,000 banner impressions served monthly Our minimum payout $50.

How do you count visits? As an example, if someone clicks from your site over to Pornsharing, and Wetplace, we would count those as a double visit. If that person visits five of our sites, you’ll be credited for five visits. For the best rates, please index all of our sites.

We pay monthly. We send payouts on first numbers of each month. If those days happen to fall in a weekend, we pay on the nearest working day which is usually Monday.

Company Name: TubeSharing Payment Frequency: Monthly
Country: United Kingdom Payment Method: Bitcoin ePayments Wire
Minimum Payment: $50
Commission Type: CPC, Adult
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