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Are You Afraid of the Dreaded “S” Word

What’s your most deep-seated fear? If you’re like most
human beings, it’s the fear of rejection.

Did you know that most people rank the fear of public
speaking as scarier than the fear of death?

Rejection is scarier than death. Why? Because way down deep
in our genes, we equate rejection with death!

Acceptance and belonging and approval have been key to our
very survival for eons and ages. Getting kicked out of the
group meant isolation, starvation and death. And though we
no longer forage for food at the edge of survival, deep
within our prehistoric hearts, we all still shudder at the
thought of being rejected.

Well, almost all of us. Born sales people seem to have
overcome this deep, all-too-human fear. (And we either
exalt them or loathe them for it, depending on our
experience with sales people). But the rest of us retain
that primal fear of rejection.

In fact, I think it might be the one primal fear that holds
more would-be entrepreneurs back than any other.

“I’m just not a sales person.”
“I couldn’t sell a cheese burger to a starving man.”
“I don’t like it when people say no.”
So, one response is to say, “It doesn’t matter that I’m not
a born sales person, I’ll just hide behind my computer
screen and make tons of cash through internet marketing! IM
doesn’t require any face-to-face selling! No smiling and
dialing phone sales either!”

And that used to be a pretty good plan about 15 years ago.
But not anymore. And here’s why…

Fifteen years ago you used to be able to drive inexpensive
traffic to an inexpensive website and sell inexpensive
items at a fair price and reap some decent profits.

And while it was never as EASY as it looked…it was do-able.
There wasn’t much competition in a lot of markets. And what
competition there was, often wasn’t very sophisticated. So,
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man was king.

Now every niche has been exploited. Big companies are
spending big stupid money on traffic and driving up the
cost for everyone else.

Margins have been slashed to razor-thin in most niches.
These days, if you’re trying to sell inexpensive products
on the web, you’re probably doomed to an “Amazon dystopia.”

Good luck with that.

The answer is to sell high-priced, high-margin products.

But guess what it takes to sell high-priced, high-margin products?
That’s right…it takes born sales people.

So we’re back where we started.

What’s the answer? Find a system where the high-priced,
high-margin products are sold by highly-skilled sales
people that work FOR YOU. And you just concentrate on
driving the traffic.

That’s how MTTB does it.

They give you a 21 Step, proven system for generating leads
for high-priced products…AND they provide you with
highly-skilled sales people to close the sales for you. You
never have to get on the phone if you don’t want to. You
never have to push or cajole or prod or pressure anyone.

It’s the rejection-free method for achieving your internet
marketing dreams.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,
Mohammed Yusuf Jaafar

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Start “Thinking Outside The Box”


I’m going to help you. I’m going to help you
by delivering information, ideas, strategies
that can help you break fr*ee.

You may not like everything I send your way.

And that’s OK.

Everything isn’t for everyone.

But if you discover one idea, one technique,
one strategy that helps you in some way, then

it’s worth it right?

Some people are ready for change.

Others are not.

What I’ll be sharing with you in the days and
weeks ahead is information that helped me rise
from rock bottom to having a lifestyle of abundance.

One I refer to as only a dream.

Think about where you’ll be in 2 years…

Is it a pretty picture or is it a duplicate

of the way life is right now?

If it’s the latter, you need to change your picture.

And today would not be too soon.

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I won’t ask for your trust yet because
trust needs to be earned, not asked for.

I will open your eyes to the potential that lies in front
of you.

But only if you’re ready to see it.

As we roll deeper into the year, I want you to think back
to the first 30 days.

Are you on track to being, doing and having more?

Only you know the answer.

If the answer was NO, how about spending the
remaining months doing something about it?

Follow me and you will.

Take care,

Muhammad Yusuf Jaafar

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How Leverage Lets Him Do What He Loves & Leave a Legacy


Samith Pich spent two years trying to figure out this
internet marketing. Two years, tens of thousands of dollars
in expenses, tons of headaches, and a grand whopping total
of $50 in revenue.

Then he spent one week, $300 in expenses and made $1500.
And then made $9000 just a short while later.

And soon after that made enough to “take a month off and spend time
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To what does he attribute this miraculous turn of events?

What does he mean by leverage?

Well, you can watch this video and hear Samith explain it in his own
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But, in a nutshell, what Samith means by leverage is not
wasting any time on things he doesn’t want to do or know
how to do…

• Like creating products
• Like crafting emails for marketing sequences
• Like getting on the phone and closing deals
• Like high-ticket, high-pressure sales
• Like developing websites and landing pages
• Like writing persuasive sales copy
• Like warehousing expensive and space-hogging inventory

Leverage, to Samith, means finding a system where all that
“heavy lifting” is done for you.

Leverage, to Samith, means finding a “vehicle that’s already running”
and simply leaning to steer it.

Leverage, to Samith, means getting fully positioned in a system that
delivers $1,000…$3,000 and $5000 commissions without lifting the

Doing it the old way, doing everything himself, wasting
time with unproven, do-it-yourself systems…well, that cost
Samith a lot of time, money and headaches. It cost him two
years of his life and “tens of thousands of dollars” out of
his bank account to be specific.

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