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[FIRST_NAME], FREE SOLO To Over 40,000 of our subscribers


All marketers need more traffic and It’s Just Traffic
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If you join the site for free before we hit 1,000 members,
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Lon Lindsey


[FIRST_NAME], Why Your Offer Is Not Being Responded To And How I Can Change That

Others are not responding to your offer(s) and I know why!
The truth is, the same thing was happening to me, but then
I learned something and it immediately changed me from an 
amateur marketer to a professional marketer.
That translated into more money coming to me!
I will provide you with the how to having people
respond to your offer(s).
If you are ready to have people respond to your offer(s)
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Lon Lindsey

[FIRST_NAME], How To Increase Your Sign Ups

How to increase sign-ups to your program is 
a question so many ask.
I want to give you some benefits of our 247FastStart 
system that provides help in your signing up people in 
your chosen program(s)
I want to provide you with the benefits (value proposition) 
of the 247FastStart system.
1.  Making/Earning money.  The bottom line is always, 
    how can I make money with the 247FastStart?  
    The pay plan speaks for itself. $14,000 for starters!
2.  Providing new contacts/leads for you to brand 
    yourself and getting people to know, like and 
    trust you.  In a sense, this benefit may be more 
    important than the pay plan if you are building 
    multiple sources of income.
By building and developing your own brand and email 
list, you have the potential of others following you 
in other programs you may be working.
3.  Advertising your other programs to those who join 
    you in 247 FastStart.  Depending on what level you 
    have upgraded to, you can provide your URL to up 
    to three programs you are working.  Your new members 
    will see you as their sponsor along with the URLs of 
    the programs you are working.
4.  Training!  For many people, watching a training video 
    is like reading a book, however the value that is 
    provided with training is ongoing and can be life-changing.
Joel Broughton has been successful in building businesses 
and he tells how you can do the same.  His video 
training is to the point as he tells of his own experiences 
and how that can transfer to success for you as well.
At each upgrade, you are provided with more and more 
training.  Consider this!  Many people go to college or 
a training school to learn a new skill.  They pay tuition 
and pay in time to learn so they can be successful 
with that new skill they have learned.  That transfers 
into potential income.
We are talking about thousand of dollars for tuition 
and in many instances a place to live.  It may be for 
2 years or 4 years or whatever, but the cost is 
massive and requires many years to recover that cost.
With 247FastStart, you can have a whole training course 
for as little as $399 and it can be done in a day or 
two PLUS you can do it right from your home.
As you can imagine, the value of being trained by someone 
already successful in a business-growing opportunity 
is priceless yet so many people dismiss such.
5.  Ongoing support and training via weekly conference calls.  
    Jeff Breakey, another successful entrepreneur shares his 
    knowledge along with “how to tips” that works because he 
    has proven it making millions over the years.
6.  Your own customized website and back office.  
    Many companies charge a monthly fee just so you can 
    have your own website and back office.  Not 247FastStart.  
    Your customized website is provided for you from day one!
7.  Contact/Lead information.  As people join 247FastStart, 
    you are provided with their name, email address and phone 
    number.  This provides you with the opportunity to brand 
    yourself and get others to know, like and trust you.
Lon & Jan Lindsey

[FIRST_NAME], New Emailer That Is Also An Autoresponder

This brand new, out of the box, email system automatically providesyou with an already managed autoresponder system as you email.
Good bye, Aweber, Go Response, SendShark and other costly follow-up autoresponder systems.
Everything that a marketer needs to build, track, manage, and send emails to their lists is included.  It has people cancelling those expensive monthly services left and right.
You can even earn $100 commission checks by promoting this break through system and get Lifetime Access to use it yourself.  You send traffic to your referral page and when someone buys you earn $100.  It’s that easy.
You are one of the first to hear about this so Get “first mover advantage” by signing up now!
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Lon Lindsey

[FIRST_NAME],A New Launch Plus A Free Gift Each Day Of March


I have something very exciting to tell you about today.

You can get 31 days of free traffic packages to deliver
visitors to your program, website, or lead capture pages.

It’s time for March Traffic Madness!

Join March Traffic Madness for free and every day this month you get a traffic package worth $5 to $20.

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Blessings of hope and abundance!

Lon Lindsey


[FIRST_NAME], A New Way To Attract Others To You And List Build


Effective traffic generation is what Internet Marketing is about.

There are several ways to generate traffic, but to do it in a way that ATTRACTS PEOPLE TO YOU will
put you one-up others who try.

I’ve run across something that looks very interesting when it comes to attracting others to you.

It’s a very interesting approach and it is just being launched.

If you like what you see, you can become a founder and set yourself up to earn $450 – $1,000 daily using this approach.

Blessings of HOPE and ABUNDANCE to you and your family!

Lon Lindsey


[FIRST_NAME], Free Solo Ad to Over 30,000 Hot Prospects Without Having To Click!


Be sure to take advantage of a FREE email to 30,000 member subscribers.

In just 9 days, Extreme Traffic System has grown to over 1,000 members. That is tremendous.

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In addition to your free solo ad, you are also unlocking one of the most powerful tools available for getting more signups and sales for your offers.

Extreme Traffic System is so much more than just a next generation safelist mailer. It is a complete and evolving traffic system that can tell you which sites are getting the best conversions, which sites you need to email today, and which sites you need to earn credits at. It formulates a daily plan for your marketing to Supercharge Your Success.

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Lon Lindsey


[FIRST_NAME], NEW LAUNCH – Email The Most Active 1,000 Members Free


Email 1,000 without clicking for credits based on traffic you can depend on!

Traffic sites seem to come and go like an ice cube dropped on a sidewalk in the summer.

If you blink for a second, they are gone.

If you want consistent signups and sales for whatever program you are promoting, you need responsive traffic

you can depend on. That is why I am excited to share with you a new traffic site that JUST LAUNCHED which is

designed to keep delivering hot leads for years to come.

The site is called Dependable Ads and it has a unique way to make sure that your results stay consistent.

Regular ad exchange or safelist sites require you to keep earning more and more credits to send your ad to

the entire membership. The number you are sending your ad to keeps going up, but the traffic you get in

return keeps going down. How is that possible?

Regular traffic sites keep sending your ads to members who are no longer active. You send your ad to

thousands, but most of them are no longer using the site or clicking on ads. Most of your credits are

wasted trying to promote to old leads.

Dependable Ads is different because your ad always is sent to the 1,000 MOST ACTIVE members. This means

you keep getting consistently good results, even as the site ages. Who are the most active will change

over time, but your ad will always go to the 1,000 HOTTEST PROSPECTS!

To experience the difference that a truly active membership can make, join Dependable Ads and send your

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Blessings of Hope and Abundance for you and your family!

Lon Lindsey