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💸Your Health Is Your Wealth ~ Have the Best Of Both Worlds!

💸Your Health Is Your Wealth ~ Have the Best Of Both Worlds!
“So many spend their health gaining wealth,
and then have to spend their wealth to regain
their health.” – A.J. Materi

You don’t have to throw your health away to
gain your wealth!
You can have the best of both Worlds!

Get Healthier Than You’ve Ever Been AND
Make More Money Than You Have Ever Made!
To Your Success!
Sonya Harris
678 768 9375

Save Money Make Money Or Do Both!

Save Money, Make Money, or Do Both!
Finally, A Home Business Where Real People Are Getting Real Results.
• No special skills required
• Learn a step-by-step proven system
• Be your own boss
• Work part-time or full-time
• Discover the breakthrough business that builds income without any special skills, knowledge, or know-whatsoever.

We Are Banking 98 Dollar Payments Multiple Times A Day!

This is easy and duplicatable and yes advertising is point and click. Offline works well as Online.
Start getting $98 Payments every month over and over again!
Why this program????
1. $98 anyone can afford.
2. Residual Income (Month after Month)
3. Total Free Marketing system setup.
4. Build your list at the same time.
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LUDICROUS Fast Income!

Ludicrous FAST MONEY!

Ludicrous FAST MONEY, No Sponsoring Required, but highly recommended!

One Time $300 Leverages YOU Into Receiving $325 over and over again!

A 2×2 Re-Cycling Matrix That Pays $325 per 2×2 Matrix (only 6 positions total)!

Get Paid $325 when each person in your matrix cycles even
if you did not refer ANY Of Them!

Company Recruits TWO People for you in 14 Days Guaranteed!
Cost….wait for it….Just $89
If You Choose To Sponsor Get Paid $100 Leadership Bonuses When Your People Cycle!
Total Income per Matrix = $2275.00 *
YES You Can Leverage $389 Into $2,275 OVER AND OVER AGAIN
With ZERO Recruiting On Your Part Thanks To The Company Recruiting Program!
YES International Members Welcome!
* Live conference calls: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (8:00 PM Eastern), and Saturday morning opportunity & training call. The number is 425-436-6385, access code 8525353#
* Recorded conference and training call: 425-436-6309, access code 8525353#

NOTE, when you join with one profit center for $300 and you also take one Recruiting unit for $89.00 your participation can be completely Passive!
Coach Sonya Harris 678 768 9375
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When your HOT your HOT and this program is on FIRE!

When your HOT your HOT and this program is on FIRE!
Also get on a live conference call to hear all about it. that info is below
Looking For a Real Economic Stimulus Plan?
If you’ve been searching for a fast paying opportunity that can put you in the money fast … Your Search Just Ended!
A 2×2 Re-Cycling Matrix That Pays $325 per 2×2 Matrix (only 6 positions total)!

100% Matching Bonuses from each member in your matrix!

Leadership Bonuses of $100 on Personally sponsored people when they cycle

Total Income per Matrix = $2275.00 * PLUS!

The Auto Pilot Recruiting System will Sponsor People For You!
1 Unit cost $89.00 they will sponsor 2 people for you making this a PASSIVE Program
NOTE, when you join with one profit center for $300 and you also take one Recruiting unit for $89.00 then you can work this program as a PASSIVE program so you don’t have to worry about sponsoring anyone the Recruiting system does that for you. How sweet is that!
If you’re like most American’s, your “Economic Income Payment” will pay your bills for about one week! How is that going to help you survive the deep recession that many experts are predicting? $2,000 weekly income
form a single 2×2 re-cycling matrix is your Answer!
This is the Economic Stimulus That Can Stimulate
Your Economy in These Volatile Economic Times!

Please listen to this 3 – minute Sizzle Call

Please get back to me if you have any questions or need my help in any way. once you join with me and if you want to be active or you can use the Recruiting System and stay PASSIVE or both.
Live Conference calls every Tuesday and Thursday night PH# 425-436-6385 Access Code 8525353#

Time 8.PM Eastern * 7.PM Central * 5.PM Pacific and Saturday 12 noon EST * 11 AM CST

Coach Sonya Harris

PH-678 768 9375


Networkers are all looking for the same thing leads and someone to talk to about their program!
Absolutely, Phenomenal, Incredible new program and I am VERY excited to share with you, as it will give you leads monthly to promote whatever Program or Opportunity you are engaged with. It’s called Matrix MLM Leads, and will have a MASSIVE Income opportunity tied to it that can give you a Life Changing Monthly Income.
For $30 per month, you will get 100 Opportunity Seeker leads complete with mailing address, email address, and phone number. That is the product. The Income opportunity is that we will be paying out commissions over 10 levels through a 3×10 forced matrix. The $10 commissions on your first level makes this a 3 and its free program. That’s right, as long as you have 3 paying members on your first level your program costs are covered. That also means you get 100 leads EVERY month at no cost. We are currently putting all the pieces in place and are Pre-Registering so people can lock in their spots to be as close to the top as possible to take advantage of the expected mass spillover that will come from our advertising efforts. Our New Pre-Registration link is: Launch Date Sept-1st-2020

I urge you to go ahead and LOCK IN YOUR SPOT so when we go live, you will be in the best position possible if you choose to participate in the program. The Facebook page is live and if you could be so kind as to give us a like, it would be appreciated.

Just list me as your inviter
Coach Sonya Harris 678 768 9375

Advertise Your Business $10 a month, Phenomenal New Platform like Facebook & Amazon In 40 Countries! 🔥

Get Paid To Advertise Your Business!
We believe in the power of YOU and there is nothing more powerful than your personal recommendation to a friend. You talk about and recommend everything that you’ve had a great experience with like movies, restaurants, businesses, websites and more. You’ve been doing the basics of what creates success in this business since you were 5 years old. You just never got paid for it! But with the power of the Fortress Opportunity, you can start getting paid to recommend things like how you saved money with your Fortress Memberships. Fortress is the first of it’s kind peer to peer marketing platform where you can sell and promote your own products and services to other Fortress members and ANYONE with an internet connection.
Coach Sonya Harris 678 768 9375

Who Wants Groceries Money, $50 Walmart Gift Cards & Leads?

Who Wants Groceries Money, $50 Walmart Gift Cards & Leads?

Seriously Learn How You Could Literally Eliminate Your Cost of Groceries And Get Paid $400 in Commissions, OVER and OVER. You Could Receive This PER MONTH… PER WEEK… or Even… PER DAY!

For Complete Details, Call (800) 704-3210
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To Enroll As a Member Customer, Call: (570) 977-8857
Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 9 PM EST.

Real Super Market Magic has been in business coming up on its first full year!

Coach Sonya Harris
ID#: 1074-72