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Hate Mondays – You Wont

Hi Friend ,

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With Gratitude,

Many Thanks,

Kindest Regards,

Jonathan Drew

This SIMPLY WORKS – it’s self-funding

Hi Friend ,

Yes, you take action, it becomes self – funding,
and your SUCCESS becomes a self fulfilling REALITY.

I started promoting My Advertising Pays a while ago
after doing a lot of research and testing
to make sure this company was legitimate,
and on solid legal ground. It definitely is on both counts.

But here’s the thing…
I’m promoting it now and steadily making money
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But I’m also making more and more money every day in profit share.
That’s when you get paid a portion of the company’s total sales income
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This process works really well but what I didn’t initially realize
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What that means is that the money I’m earning from the daily profit share,
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You see, you earn profit share every 20 minutes on ALL the credit packs
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But here’s what’s really compelling to me about this…
I originally bought just a few credit packs a short while back.
I’ve been steadily re-investing my profits from My Advertising Pays
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Here’s what I realized after I reached 100 credit packs,
and I became super excited about…
I earned enough profit share on those 100 credit packs every day
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And then because I owned an additional 2-3 more credit packs
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I actually start EARNING PROFIT SHARE FASTER with each day that goes by.

This is all about momentum. Indeed I have now reached 790 credit packs WOW !!
I’m buying 8 to 10 new credit packs each day just from my profit share earnings alone
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And this all started with a few credit packs, and clicking 10 ads a day.

Moreover, I’m using all these credit packs to advertise my other offers
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Truly, this is the MOST EFFECTIVE ONLINE ADVERTISING SERVICE that I’ve ever used.

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I’m just HYPER right now about how the daily profit share earnings
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This is ON FIRE !!

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With Gratitude,

Many Thanks,

Kindest Regards,

Jonathan Drew

What’s Stopping You ?

Hi Friend,

I have a question for you…

What’s stopping you from making money with My Advertising Pays?

Look, I’ve been making a living online since the early 2000’s…

and I have developed dozens of income streams in that time

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I login and click 10 ads per day, and I make money from this every day. Not chump change.

Life changing money.

I buy credit packs and advertise my primary business. I get sales from this.

Then those credit packs earn profit share because My Advertising Pays shares the bulk of all revenue

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This process works, and it will continue to work for many years to come.

You can advertise your primary business,

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I have never seen such an opportunity that is truly legitimate which everyone who is participating in it,

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I strongly encourage you to stake a claim in this company

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With Gratitude ,

Keep being awesome

Be the best

Kindest Regards

Jonathan Drew

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How Long Are You Going To Wait ?

Hi Friend ,

So, How Long Are You Going To Wait to really start making it online ?
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With over 11 years online marketing experience I can
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I do look at each one & have a check list that each opportunity
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99% of them fail, however every now & then a gem comes through
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This one came through a year ago, checking my check list, this one
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Here’s a few reasons

1. Every Single person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to
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2. You do have do something each day, click and view just 10 ads per day
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14. High converting professional lead capture pages

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With Gratitude ,

Keep being awesome

Be the best

Kindest Regards

Jonathan Drew

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Did you see this ?

Hi Friend ,

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Talk soon,

In Gratitude,

Many Thanks,

Kindest Regards,

Jonathan Drew

Just Add Traffic

Hi Friend ,

This is so simple that I will keep this message short.

This website converts like crazy

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In Gratitude,

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Jonathan Drew