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Safelist users will love this!

Hey safelist user.

This is a must-have tool to determine which safelists
are producing signups for you, and maybe even more
importantly… which ones aren’t.

A HIGH quality Google Cloud-powered ad tracking
system has arrived that loves safelist users!

It’s call Smart-url.

This means:
– Unlimited hit tracking.
– Unlimited action tracking.
– Unlimited campaigns.
– Unlimited banners. Plus more.

Smart-url does not limit how much traffic you can receive
to your smart tracking links, it has the speed and reliability
of the Google Cloud, and has managed to stay affordable!

Plus, if you aren’t using a smart-url in your safelist advertising
you are missing out on the extra ad space it provides you to
maximize your results…

Once you create a smart url you can customize it with your
own profit magnets such as a popup,viral bar, or brander
that give exposure to other things you want visitors to see.

More results are just a click away:

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