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Monetize your Browser

Hi there,
Since you have nothing to lose as there are no investments, why not give it a try?
If you can involve a few friends in this then sky is the limit that you can earn. It uses a Chrome or Firefox extension. You just have to keep your browser on where in Monero is mined. The site owners convert the same into Bitcoin and you get the displayed amount of Bitcoin earned in real time.

Google approved browser Miner

Hi there,
Since you have nothing to lose as there are no investments, why not give it a try?
If you can involve a few friends in this then sky is the limit that you can earn. It uses a chrome extension and therefore approved by Google. You just have to keep your chrome browser on wherein Monero is mined. The site owners convert the same into Bitcoin and you get the displayed amount of Bitcoin earned in real time.

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This is stupendously powerful but stupidly simple. Gonna be huge. No personal sponsorship required. Earnings out of this world. You pay just one time. I could just go on and on but you click the credit link below to watch the short video and decide whether you in or let go of this wonderful opportunity.

Earn with your PC – No Investment!!!

This is brand new – I have been trying this out and it appears to be promising. You have nothing to lose. There is no investment and you just have to let your PC running to keep earning after downloading their software. Also you get $10 free if you are an early bird. Happy earning. Click the credit link to know more.

Goonjan N

Prepare to be amazed

If you love PASSIVE INCOME, this is MASSIVE and made for YOU.

This has to be the FASTEST, EASIEST, and SAFEST passive income you have ever seen.

Earn the exact guaranteed amount you want to earn and retire TODAY if you want to.

This is not hype. You have to see it to believe it.

As soon as I realized what this business could do for me I invested in it. Take a very serious look and you will be amazed like I am.

There are hundreds of new members joining daily and soon to be thousands per day as the word spreads to North America.

This one has been tested and re-tested. All of the proper due diligence has been done with 4 levels of upline above us. This one is paying and has been around for as long as the company claims that it has been around for up to 5 years. There are testimonials from many different people and it is clear to see that these people are real. We have been privy to members joining this opportunity with millions of dollars.

I hope you will take a close look before dismissing this program because there are many guaranteed programs that offer 1.5% to 3.5% (5 days per week), not to mention that these are LIFE-TIME payments (no end of term)!!!

The difference between this and all the others (if you looked at it you already know) because your principal is GRARANTEED! You can withdraw your deposited funds and/or your profits at any time you wish to!!!

You have nothing to lose and can only WIN. And, the minimum deposit is only $35.

Here are the different options:

QUICK START – 1.5% daily $35 – $299 (15 days)
SYA – 1.8% daily $300 – $5999 (unlimited days*)
SHAN – 2.2% daily $6000 – $19999 (unlimited days*)
TSIN – 2.5% daily $20000 – $69999 (unlimited days*)
HAN – 3% daily $70000 – $500000 (unlimited days*)
*Unlimited days maeans that you will earn each day as long as your principal remains in the platform. There is NO “end of term” as is the case with other investment platforms.

I can compound my ROI by clicking on my “invest profit” link each time I have at least $35 in my account.

Available payment options are…

Advanced Cash
Perfect Money

Instructions To Join

Click here ……….

Then, complete the application form by submitting the following details:

Your Email Address

Your Skype Username*

Your preferred Personal Password

Confirm your preferred Personal Password

*If you do not have a Skype username you can enter your first and last name with no space. If you wish to establish a Skype account you can use this link…….

As soon as you can submit the form you can login. There are no verification emails.

Next, click on “personal information” and add your payment method. If you use Bitcoin as I have, you will carefully copy your personal “receive btc wallet address” and paste it where indicated. This is where you will “receive” your payments from Yota. You can also change your referral link to a new username instead of using their programmed username. Don’t forget to click the “save” button.

NOW, you can make your deposit by clicking on “Account” and selecting “Open Deposit”. If you have any questions you can use the contact form at the bottom right corner of the website page. Please allow a couple of hours for your deposit to be recorded in your account.

Main Reasons I Joined This Platform

….Real company with licenses and government certifications.

….Paying since 2013

….Principal is guaranteed

….Excellent return of 1.5% to 3% every business day depending
upon your level of participation.

….Only $35 to experience the platform first hand BEFORE depositing more.

….No documents, photo id, etc, required.

….Hundreds of videos and written testimonials from happy members.
Most are from Chinese and European members but we will be seeing
many more from North Americans now that the program is being
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This is your chance to make it BIG. Don’t ignore it!

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See you inside,
Goonjan Nan

Wow, you will simply be amazed!

Hi there,
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