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No Investment Ever… Guaranteed!


This really is for everyone ( A MUST READ ).

Everyone is already doing this, just change how
to do it.

I am just going to say it like it is, I have seen this add on the internet for 14 years and thought, WHY! have I been waiting so long becoming a member and losing out on a lot of the easy ways to make 100-500+USD each and every month in a FREE Sign up site, always free.

Then one day this year, you know when you get a feeling come over you that says, you got to sign up to this site, and (REALLY!) see what this (Free site) is all about.

This is a worldwide Company with International Partners.
with a few free ways to advertise on the advertising list page.
With well over 300,000 members

Please keep in mind I own many advertising sites,
I am writing it like it is, I know you may have also seen this site around for years and still have not signed
up to this site (WHY), or maybe you did, and your not working it, after four or more months your taken off the list of earning.

What I am really writing here is everyone is missing out, if you are a site clicker and already buying food or products at Walmart, Best Buy,Target and many stores you already shop in and not getting paid for shopping, WHY!.

But you only have to fill out the free stuff area to make a 100 points to make 100-500+ USD cash each and every month, or buy your food or products from many stores you already shop, if you don’t have a checking debit or credit card, you can use your payment processor account, or processor debit card from the internet or (even using gift cards!) on the internet through this site to do your shopping to earn even more points, you can drop shipment to your location or use the in store pick up, when available, so you can travel and shop anytime and get paid back some of what you spend through this program point system.

You can even earn by simply GIVING AWAY free vacations, restaurant vouchers, MP4s and medical discounts… best of all– it is free! It requires absolutely no investment– ever.

After getting a couple of free quotes, I’m already earning… and I just joined.
This is the NO JOKE! part of this site.

Five to ten hours every two weeks))) and a lot of you (work more for less) everywhere on the internet.

But it gets even better, you can earn points-(MONEY) by placing banners from the banner’s page and place them in the free advertising sites, when other people click for a free gift for a free quote you collect points- that turns into MONEY.

Besides the points, you make sales by placing banners which make sales from 1–1500+ USD and a lot of us are already waiting for big sales to come and they do sooner or later, instead of having to upgrade to make the big commissions. You are at the TOP Level when you sign up for FREE.

You get paid from your downline 10 levels deep.
This is the real deal, you won’t be fooled.

Really! sign up and try it out, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY! it’s up to you how much money you make 100-500+ USD each and every month with no sign ups.

You could be thinking, (How can this Company do all this), because they are advertising for all the National and International Corporations.

To your success
Rickey & Cheryl Gardner
P.S Really, it’s not hard work to make the money, I know this is possible, you can make 500 to 5000+USD Monthly in 6 to 12 months, if you work it with the free advertising in a few places from the list page they give you. This is a worldwide Company with International Partners

Just Launched w/ Jack Pot & High Commissions

Hi Everyone,

Cheryl here with some exciting news….Our new profit sharing Co Op advertising site just launched! This site has huge benefits already like great commissions, incentive rewards, surf rewards, promo codes, Co Op advertising and the profit sharing is the icing on the cake!
What do you have to do to receive the profit sharing?
Simple, upgrade to one of the partner levels and it’s yours for life! There is nothing more to buy….just the upgrade to a partner level. Remain active and promote to help the site grow, then enjoy the extra benefits of 10% or 5% Profit Sharing, calculated and paid monthly for the previous month…for the life of this traffic exchange. It’s the owners way of saying “thank you” and sharing their “piece of the pie”.
Profit Sharing are not commissions or earned rewards. They are a gratitude benefit for being an active partner member who helps our site grow.
Lady Godiva’s Traffic has some other exciting features like the Jackpot where members receive bonus credits and rewards for every day activities, such as surfing, logging in, tweeting, and most of all getting referrals.
Here’s a bit of exciting news…we are selling Jackpot pool tickets for $1.50 per one ticket and $2.50 for two tickets. Funds minus the payment processer fee will be placed directly and immediately into the Jackpot pool for that week. This is a way the members can decide how big a prize pool they want. Tickets can be purchased by anyone. All members can win a place in the Jackpot every week. There are 25 top members each and every week. Share in the excitement of this new launch and get some great advertising on our surf. Lady Godivas Traffic also has banners, text ads, square banners and some special ad types coming soon.

See you inside,
Cheryl Gardner

.P.S. Use the Promo Code “TaxExempt2000” and surf 75 for a sign up bonus of 1,000credits/500banners/500texts/100sq Banners and $1.50 cash!

Home of Power Mailer!


It is also home of the new and innovative POWER MAILERS.

Wait till you see how great this is!

You will never mail the same way again!

The POWER MAILER links all her sites

Use your member area credits plus every upgrade level gives you 1 to 4 Tokens every month which gives you 500 credits at each site

Every upgraded member gets to use the POWERMAILER!

This kind of mail power is unprecedented and you will simply love how easy it is to join all sites as well as mail to them!

ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCES is what you will get from each of Marty’s sites and this is no exception.

Join today and grab the time sensitive specials while you can!


Cheryl and Rickey Gardner

Mountain Spirit Productions

Diamond Founders Lifetime Ten Bucks


This is just unbelievable! You have to see this offer to believe it!
The Ad Labyrinth Mailer just launched their Diamond Founder Lifetime Membership.

The price starts out at $5.00 and increases $1.00 for every ten sales. Hurry! Get in at this lowest rock bottom price ever! This membership is loaded with benefits and you will only pay ONCE FOR LIFE!

Hurry, sign up NOW. Take the OTO to lock in 70% commissions for life.
Click this link, join and read all about it on the OTO!

To your success,
Cheryl Gardner

P.S. Opportunities like this only come around once in a great while. Grab this awesome offer and enjoy scheduled mails for 45 days, save 100 templates, 6 second surf,
25,000 credits per month and a $2.00 sign up bonus!

100% INSTANT Commissions!

If you’re not making money on the internet,
Dave’s made it so extremely simple with his
OTO#3 with a Life-Time Blue Diamond Upgrade
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Yes, there are 2 larger memberships that give
you more frequent mailings and credits, but
for 10 BUCKS, you’ll earn 100% INSTANT
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make. Even if they purchase a higher upgrade
than you!

There’s no waiting or minimum cashouts because
everything gets paid INSTANTLY, DIRECTLY to
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How many marketers do you think you can sign-up
for 10 bucks each, paying you 100% INSTANT
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Blue Diamond Safelist’s “Flagship Blue Diamond”
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That means for just 10 bucks, you get paid
100% INSTANT Commissions on everything your
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EVEN if your referrals purchase a HIGHER Upgrade,
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Members receive Rewards for every 10 ADS CLICKED!!!

Be sure to claim your 109.25 in FREE Advertising
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Hurry and join the wave! It just went into pre-launch!

The folks at the Ad Labyrinth Empire are super excited about the pre-launch of their new mailer, Global Matrix Mailer. It has taken advertising to an Interdimensional Level that is modeled after the Matrix principle.

The member levels are set up with the concept of quantum physics principles. They have six upgraded levels and each one up is more packed with benefits than the one below it!

Shoot for the Infinite Dimension Matrix. It is as high as you can go on this site. Let me tell you, this level is phenomenal! There are so many benefits such as:

~ Scheduled mails for 60 days~ Unclicked credit rebates~ 15,000 credits/10,000banner imps/10,000 text imps monthly~ 2 tier commissions with the first level at a high 75%~ a 6 second surf timer and Dynamic Surf Ratios~ 200 credits per click~ 100 Banners/100 Text Ads~ And, you can save 125 email templates!

Now talk about a time saver!

There is more but you have to see it to believe it! So come on over and sign up free.

Take the first OTO that comes up to get the Infinite Level. Remember, DO NOT CLICK OFF THAT PAGE!!!

Or you will miss it!

To our success,

Cheryl and Rickey Gardner