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Free Download For Self-Employed Freelancer

Would you describe yourself as a Self-Employed Freelancer?
What I mean to ask is; Do you undertake your own projects, create your own products or content?
No! No – hold on, do you even consider yourself as a freelancer?
Well here is a short ebook which will either confuse you more – but hopefully will help also help you gain better focus.

Go read it now, its come as free pdf download.



[FIRST_NAME], How to Boost Your Facebook Ads Better!


Have you noticed that, to a great degree, advertising on Facebook is the only time when you’ll see any real significant change to your results.
This indicates that, finally, Facebook have ’cracking’ monitization of their platform. Which would suggest that it’s time to take a new view on getting the most out of Facebook ads.

Anyway, please check out what I have to share with you. I think it will at least help empower you with a little more knowledge on ways of truly taking advantage of Facebook advertising, and without breaking the piggy-bank.

Watch how Brad builds a campaign from scratch…



At Last WP Plugin for Ali-Affiliate.

Let’s not waste time. I know you have your own business to promote.
So, let me help you with this awesome WordPress plugin, especially if you are already promoting products on AliExpress / Alibaba as an affiliate. Go check it out now – I am sure you will not regret looking.

Are you over writing blog posts getting zero comments?


I know the pain. You work for weeks on a new blog post: researching, writing, editing, rewriting, finding the perfect images, formatting, etc.

You hit publish. You wait. You refresh. Nothing.

It’s enough to want you make you quit this whole blogging thing…why isn’t anyone reading your stuff?

Your content isn’t the problem, but maybe your headline is…

Did you know you only have 2.6 seconds to win a new visitor over. If you fail, they leave and will likely never return.

This is why having a good headline is CRUCIAL. But how do YOU decide?

Eenie-meenie-miney-mo? Do you even have a process for creating and choosing effective headlines?

This is why I’m writing you today. The team at Thrive Themes just launched a new plugin: Thrive Headline Optimizer

Check it out here:

Whenever you create a new post, you can simply enter multiple headline variations and Headline Optimizer will test them against each other, to find the most effective one.

Not only that, the plugin will also automatically pick the winning headline for you, so you don’t have to remember to check back on all your posts or get a degree in statistics to figure out what’s going on.

Thrive Headline Optimizer uses the same techniques big websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN & Buzzfeed use to create the most compelling and click-worthy headlines possible.

Because they are consistently testing to be certain about the best headline, they consistently win.

Every post they publish ends up with the best, most click-worthy headline. This results in more attention, more clicks and more captivated visitors.

Which results in less fits of frustration. 

You can learn everything you need to know about Thrive Headline Optimizer here:


P.S. – Check out the plugin now while it’s at a special, discounted launch price. After the launch is over, the price will increase. It will never be this low again. Here’s the link one more time:

Here Is Your Free Prelaunch Access. Limited Time Only.


I recently have the privilege to be a Beta member of a new, or rather renewed, leads generation system.

I am impressed!

It is unlike any other traffic system.

I only have one word to describe it – ‘revolutionary’.

The system will be launched on 16 Feb, but I got you an early prelaunch access to the system.

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Get Your Prelaunch Access To This FREE & Powerful Traffic System!


Finally, one of the best traffic generation systems has now released their version 2.

Version 2.0 is definitely more viral, more rewarding.

During their 2 weeks of beta testing, members’ traffic increased by 10 folds! And it hasn’t even launched.

Yes, this system hasn’t been launched yet. But I got you a backdoor access.

Here is your backdoor access:

With over 100 testimonials, this is something you don’t want to miss.

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The best way to monetize video in 2016?

Did you know over 55% of video traffic will be mobile in 2016?

That’s a lot of mobile users, and the question becomes

1. What is the easiest way to monetize this traffic?
2. How do you stay in front of your audience all the time?

The best way to do this is through mobile apps as you
can interact with the users while they are engaging with
your content.

You can see how it works here:

We’re talking about building a beautiful, easy-to-use,
custom built mobile app loaded with all of your video
content in minutes.


* Push button notifications. Drop a notification
to all your app users the minute you add new
video content.

* Just enter your Keyword, hit Search and
select from millions of videos from Youtube you
can add instantly.

* Select from “Search, Playlist and Channel” options.

* Build unlimited categories. Customize your icons
and video descriptions.

* Add AD MOB (Like Google Adsense for mobile) right inside
the app.

* Update your video content and playlist – and the
app is updated in real time.

Watch the video and you’ll see how easy this is
and why it’s the future of video:

You’ll also see cool monetization strategies that
can help you make profits in the first 24 hours of
using this powerful app builder software.

Make sure you lock-in the price now as the price
will be increasing in just a few days.

Best Regards,


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I just found out some news about Thrive Themes, that you need to know about…
If you haven’t heard about them, they are the guys that offer you all the tools you would ever need to start and improve your business on a WordPress based website. 

The amazing thing about them is that they are always improving their products and adding new features.
Imagine buying a magical toolbox…

Now picture for a moment, every time you crack open that toolbox there is a bright shimmering light revealing a new tool for you to use.
Yeah… getting Thrive is EXACTLY like that.

Well, almost exactly like that. Instead of magic, it’s just really awesome software, made for online marketers.
Now, I just found out they are planning on increasing the price. And you really need to know about thi. Why?

Two reasons:
1) You can get in now, and pay the lowest price possible.
2) Not only do you pay less now, you pay less forever because you’ll be grandfathered in.

Considering they are ALWAYS adding new products and features it makes sense to charge more, but the best part is they reward their current customers. Once you’re a member, the price never increases for you. So, you end up with this amazing tool set that everyone else is paying WAY more for.

Sound awesome? Because it is.
Here’s the link:
Do yourself a favor and don’t take my word for it. Give it a look.


Traffic is great, but..

..hey listen [FIRST_NAME], we have many methods of generating our income

And many work well, but there is ONE way that isn’t talked
about enough… the exact way that ME and 95% of all internet
marketers use to make a majority of our income online..

My friend Jimmy just released a brand new book.

It won’t cost you a penny today, you can download it here

Inside, you’ll learn step by step the EXACT way that I’m able
to make my money using the Internet and how you should be too.

Hint- I’m using it right now…

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