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Zarfund funguje na principu posílání daru.

Připojte se nyní a změňte svůj život a pomůžete tak měnit ostatní životy k lepšímu. ZARFUND byl vytvořen po špatné zkušenosti s podobnými platformami. Při vytváření systému Zarfund, jsme dbali na to, aby se neopakovali chyby z podobných platforem. Díky tomu jsme vytvořili revoluční platformu Zarfund, která pomáhá měnit životy a plnit si sny lidem z celého světa. Jedinečná příležitost pro ty nejrychlejší z vás . Lidé vám mohou spadnout i ze shora,protože v tomto systému žádné místo nezůstane prázdné.
1-Potřebujete Blockchain peněženku na btc,zřídíte během chvilky zde-
2-Potřebujete na peněženku dostat bitcoiny,které koupíte přes bank.učet zde-
3-Registrace zde
4-V dashoboard zadáte číslo vaši btc peněženky a klikem na upgrade,podle kroků zaplatíte.
5-V profilu zadáte váš facebook,at vás v pohodě najdu a přidám do naší týmové skupiny.
6-Inzerovat váš link
-Video představení projektu

-Video jak zřídit peněženku a vložit peníze ze simplecoin

-Video registrace a platba

-Pokud máte zájem a chcete vydělat 164 bitcoinů,což je asi pres 2 mega za minimální vklad a minimum práce, registrujte se zde a poté se s vámi spojím



Earn an unlimited number of $100 BONUSES each week by simply referring five new confirmed affiliates in a 7-DAY contest period.
You read that correctly! For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you’ll earn $500!


Here are 5 things that really set Traffic Monsoon apart from other business opportunities, which can help you and any prospect catch the vision of why Traffic Monsoon is such a smart business to get involved with.


Rapid earnings every day.
A simple program where daily naklikáte and 20 cents. Two large batches of ads walk in times of 2:00 to 5:59. And then another batch of 06:00. During the day nebehnú random ads, so môžte sign in and watch a e.g., Every hour.
No strength of this project is the recommendation. Under its direct people a day have the same earnings as a naklikajú themselves, but must still odklikať 10 extra ads that are only 20 seconds Start surfing. Time always maintained green. And every 24 hours, so that was allocated and rewards for your people.
E.g. if one day your man odkliká ads for 10 cents, and now you’ve got 10 cents.
10 people direct x 10 cents = 1 dollar for them DENNE
100 straight people x 10 cents = $ 10 for them daily.
Payouts on Paypal, SolidTrustPay and Payzu. Attention to Payzu payment is conditional upon the purchase of Traffic Monsoon, which is at least $ 1 + fees purse. So rather utilize Paypal or SolidTrustPay.
!!! At check to fill in all of the purse (if you have), because after signing could be added only by way of purchase of something in TM, for example. Cash Link Ads (1 usd + fees purse) !!!
Payouts are, minimum: 1. payout from $ 2,
                                Second payment of $ 3
                                3. Payment from 4 usd.
                                etc. ……………………..
                        after 9 pay 10 usd
Then it remains at a minimum payout of 10 usd, more times a day.
Of course, there will also promote their sites. Whether from zarobených money you buy a credit. Or by viewing foreign ads, accrue equal credit.
And what’s even greater force in this project called su Revshare packages.
The package, which contains 1,000 credits, for your promotion and 20 banner ads. It costs $ 50 and earns you 55 usd. Profit is 5 usd. It can be purchase from zarobených money, as well as purchase through the purse. Earnings from the package is about $ 1.05 daily, thus, if you have multiple packages own earnings + + earnings from your referrálov … so you buy a new day and new packages and team Padoa you are increasing your daily earnings.
1st Do not use AdBlock or other ad blocker in Internet browser, or because a nedostanenete into his office !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. A single IP address, one account !!! (Feel free to try it).
Third, login to the page only the IP addresses from which you registered. IP address is used for authentication, thus, when you log in from a different IP, so you can disable an account. So if you do chcere program at home, so a register and only opting out of the house. !!!! It would also work if the TM to sign in from a different IP address, but only from one of the day.
Check out the attached video. If there are questions, inquire sa.Pekný all day. 🙂



Spacespay. This project was created a long time but the project itself was launched about a few weeks ago, but he knows about it yet little people and that is why I would like to introduce him. Vlasta first real massive campaign will begin in approximately three weeks in the form of advertising on television, radio, giant billboards and the like. These massive campaigns begin in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.
 It is a special social networking site, such a specialized search engine that helps you find business partners, friends and the rest of the information and news you will learn with us on the Web or on
and we will show registration, which is free here, and here you can actually make money just by advertising that you will receive. You can receive them directly to SpaceSpy or for mobile applications there is also a special PREMIUM membership.
If you have registered for free for viewing ads you get a 0.05 EURO, but if you’re PREMIUM members receive € 0.10 and can be found in the administration of such code to copy and recommending here SpaceSpy friends and if someone registers through it, you get one point and 2 EURO on your account if that person buys a Premium Account, unless that person bring another person, you get another point, the more points you get the more EURO for new members (more below). You earned money, you can always convert to your PayPal account.

  REGISTRATION: https: //