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[FIRST_NAME] The Game Has Changed. Have You?


Have you noticed that it gets harder and harder to
get signup or sale in online marketing? I am
certain that you have because it has been going
on for quite a while.

The reality is that to get results today, you have
to have a more complicated process to convince a
prospect to buy. 80% of the sales in any
promotion happen between the 8th and 20th time
that you make contact with the prospect. Almost
no one just buys from the sales page anymore.

That is a big challenge for a beginning online
marketer because it takes training and experience
to craft an email series that actually motivates
people to buy.

That is why I recommend that you get on the
Pre-Launch Early Bird list for a new program
starting in May called Your Success Advantage.
This program was designed to do all of the “hard”
parts of online marketing for you.

You just send high-quality traffic to the lead
capture pages. They convert your traffic into
prospects and then the back-end system turns
prospects into buyers … in dozens of online
programs where you can earn an income.

This system is radically different than anything
else you have tried. Click below to watch the
video explain how Your Success Advantage turns
your traffic into customers.


Einar S Amundsen


[FIRST_NAME], follow a well-used plan for prosperity.


FreeMart has made it possible for everyone to
achieve prosperity!

This system is working for thousands of people
WORLDWIDE, and they have been surprised by the
results The 100K Challenge has done for them. And,
it can for YOU too!

If you refer just three people who agree to
purchase the NVIRO 360 package each month and who
refer three others who do the same, based upon our
average purchase, you would earn in excess of
$500,000 monthly.

If only one in five of your member team were to
purchase products each month, you would earn in
excess of $100,000 monthly based upon the same
average order.

The 100K Challenge can change your life in just 90
days. Please do not let your skepticism stand in
the way of your financial success. It is so easy!
way to make money online!

Invite 90 people in the next 90 days (that’s only
one a day) to take a look at The 100K Challenge
and see what happens. Call them or send your
Landing Page 14, or both. It doesn’t matter how
you invite them… just keep on inviting one a day
for 90 days.

Login to your FreeMart account and purchase the
NVIRO 360 package today to get started. You owe it
to yourself to prove that it works. You can’t win
if you don’t play.

To Your Success,
Einar Amundsen


[FIRST_NAME], Do you face a challenge directly?


I invite you free of charge at FreeMart’s 100k
in 90 days challenge!

No matter what experiences you’ve had in your
quest for a safer financial future, you will
hardly find a better opportunity than we can
offer you.

We give you the opportunity to achieve your
dreams, regardless of whether you have equity
to start with or not.

The recipe for how to become one of many people
who achieve 100k in 90 days will you find on this

To Your Success,
Einar Amundsen



[FIRST_NAME], Three Things You Need to SUCCEED


What are the THREE THINGS You Need to SUCCEED
in a Home Based Business?

   * Consumable Products that People NEED and WANT

   * A Compensation Plan that is FAIR and HONEST for 

   * A Simple Duplicatable System with FREE Landing 
     Pages that do all the explaining

The Opportunity YOU have been SEARCHING FOR is HERE!

To Your Success,
Einar Amundsen


[FIRST_NAME], Your cleaning products are making you sick and…



Did you know that your cleaning products are
making you sick and shortening your life-span?

Now there is a safe and environmentally friendly
alternative; FreeMart Natural, Organic NVIRO 360
All-Purpose Cleaner and NVIRO 360 Shave and Shower

These two products will replace all of the toxic
chemical cleaners you are now using and in most
cases, NVIRO 360 will likely do a better job.

Read how you can get these excellent products at 
no cost!

To Your Health and Wealth,
Einar S Amundsen


[FIRST_NAME], Join in on a business revolution!

I would like to invite you as a free member of
FREEMART, a new member shopping club where all
share in up to 90% of the company’s profits.

We are the first in the industry to turn the
typical pay plan upside down. In doing so, we have
created a profit sharing plan that out pays the
most popular pay plans for 2017 by at least 4 to 8

I have listed a few bullet points to

* FreeMart Membership is FREE

* Members get FREE access to FreeMart Friends
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* Members get FREE access to our Profit Sharing

* Members share in up to 90% of company’s profits

* No gimmicks or hoops in order to receive profit

* Never an obligation to purchase products

* Membership IS required in order to purchase

* No auto-shipments

* No credit card information is kept on file

Our goal at Freemart is to develop life-long
relationships based upon integrity and giving real
value to our members.

FreeMart is positioned to become a giant company
with many enterprises under one umbrella. A Free
Membership will give you advantages not available
through other large membership stores.

See You Inside,

Einar Amundsen


Do Not Let Lack of Money Stop You!


I would like to draw attention to a newly
established online business built on sound
principles like honesty and justice where everyone
regardless of background has the same chance to

FREE-MART may be your ticket to Freedom:
* FREE to join
* No obligation to ever purchase a product or
* You get paid when you refer someone that makes a
* No rank advancements to get paid through all
* Commissions are paid for referring others
without being required to purchase a product.
* Products and services that heal the earth and
improve your quality of living.

Since it does not involve any cost to you
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To Your Success,
Einar Amundsen

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[FIRST_NAME], We will launch Business Blaster this weekend!!!


Get a top position in our CrazyCashClubs
first revenue-generating program!!!

We are just days from launching Business Blaster a
program that will shake the community and give
everyone involved a real puff on the road to
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Everyone knows how important it is to acquire a
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Remember that membership in the CCC is free, and
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To your financial health,
Einar Amundsen