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Hi there,
IBK (Internet Business Kits) is taking off world wide!!
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Notification of Payment Received.


I bet your heart just skipped a beat because
you thought you just made money?

Well, I’m personally not a big fan of sending
emails with a subject line like that BUT,

…I want to show you how to get these DAILY!

And in order to do that I need to get your attention
so I can teach you HOW to get these emails.

Firstly I want to show you what it looks like
when you do get these emails with the subject
line: Notification of Payment Received…

Here is a screenshot of my latest ones:
NOTE: Check the date, etc!

That right there is an INSTANT $150 payment
that I earned just by spending about 20 minutes
doing ONE thing on Facebook,

…I teach you what that ONE thing is about half
way through this video:

This video could very well change your life just
like it has mine and many others!

So if you are serious about freeing yourself from
the 9 – 5 grind and finally learning how to make
a REAL income online,

…I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to
watch this ENTIRE video.

See you on the inside! 🙂
Casey Heta
New Zealand

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P.S. You can use what you’ll learn inside IBK
to build ANY business online,

…I just LOVE getting INSTANT payments paid
directly into my Paypal account so I sell IBK.

So, you’re interested then? (Open Up)

Hey [FIRST_NAME], it’s Casey here…

I’m sending you this email because you
may be interested in making income $$ online.

…claiming to show you a simple 3 step
formula for filling your PayPal account
with $150 Instant Payments.

You would have been redirected to this
video, if you didn’t watch the entire video
I highly recommend you watch it now…

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Inside this video I go deep and show you
step by step EXACTLY how I’ve built my
business online,

…and how YOU can do the same thing! 🙂

I show you the 3 things you need to start
filling your PayPal account with $150
Instant Payments even while you sleep!

I know it probably sounds crazy but watch
the video and I not only show you HOW to
do this for yourself,

…I will also show you undeniable PROOF!

If at anytime you have any questions feel free to
connect with me on Facebook and send me a
personal message.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be
teaching you everything I know about how
to use the internet to make $150 – $300+
per day from home.

And just so you know that I can help YOU
to get results checkout what Sumit Kapoor
had to say about my trainings, etc.

Sumit is celebrating his first $1,050 DAY! 🙂

This works for average everyday people
so if you are SERIOUS about using the
internet to create a REAL income,

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Talk Soon… 🙂

Casey Heta
New Zealand