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If you have been struggling for TRAFFIC…

If you have been struggling
for traffic that converts and
you’re tired of spinning the wheels
just surf theZONE (herculists TE)
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While you are doing this OPEN
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1 Key = 1 SOLO AD to 144,000+ Herculisters

This PLATFORM brings me so
much traffic sometimes I feel
I JUST don’t need NOTHING else!

Not to speak about HercuBlurbs
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Herculist website.

You will never be so A-M-A-Z-E-D [……]

Get to action!

Andre Feldman

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Here’s the best shortcut for GURU Solo traffic!

The Reviews are all over the Web!

Numerous marketers speak
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What I LOVE about herculist
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unlimited mails to 130,000+
time and time again with

Either reading or surfing
other members email ads easily
earn YOU a bunch of credits
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Other Mailers and Safelists don’t have this KEY FEATURE..

Other Platforms don’t allow surfing of email ads directly.

If you take 10 to 15 minutes
a day to SURF ADS, dear friend
Sky is the LIMIT HERE!

There’s NO NEED to buy KEYS for $2.49 each inside!

My Video tutorial on the next
page will show you how to
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Already 131,000+ strong and
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Don’t delay and get YOUR ads rocking!

Start solo mailing like an Internet GURU…

Wishing YOU The Best!

Andre Feldman

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Get so much traffic YOU will Feel intimidated..

Imagine having paid TRAFFIC
without having to spend
a single cent?

Looks TOO GOOD be true, right?

Well, it is true!

And I call it “Mailing KEYS”…

Herculist’s unique *KEY*
mailing feature, its so damn
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YOU jump out of YOUR chair!

KEYS cost $2.49 each and
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More than 2000 people have
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You just need to be a member
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Nevermind credits, focus on
surfing 10 to 15 minutes a
day and you’ll collect easily

As a member YOU can blast
every 24h one solo mailing
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5 KEYS earned that’s = 124K X 6
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Just imagine the traffic YOU’LL bring on your Offers?

Get ready to AMAZE Yourself 🙂

Rock YOUR Ads 24/7!!!
Keep Strong..

Andre Feldman

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Setup – MEGA MAILER – and reach 1000’s for LIFE..

Do you want to send 580,000 emails
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Then, get a HercuList account for
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Forget Credits + F-O-R-G-E-T Clicking Ads.

NOW, Here’s the KICKER!

How would you like to mail those
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If you browse other members ads
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To YOUR Massive Success!
Stay Safe Out-There..

Andre Feldman

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Fuel your ads with HITS from 118,000+ MEMBERS..

Imagine having S O L O credits
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118,000+ Members?

Absolutely, NO CATCHES!

How in the HECK can You do this?

And YOU don’t have to sit around waiting!

In fact YOU can start IMMEDIATELY!

With a [HercuList PLUS] account!

HercuList works with a feature
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Every-time you browse ads from
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[1 Key = 1 Mailing]

Once, a MEMBER You CAN:

Email ALL 118,000+ every 24h NO Credits.
Email ALL 118,000+ every 24h NO Clicking ads.
Email ALL 118,000+ every 24h AGAIN and AGAIN with “Keys”.

If YOU collect 5 of these “Keys”
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lot less than surfing a traditional
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Plug ANY capture page, biz opp,
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Get PILES of leads, fresh sign-up
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Prepared to TAKE over the World Wide Web in 2021 [ ?? ]

Take it easy!

Andre Feldman

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If you’re TIRED of trashy traffic, Use HercuList..

I have been trying to share
this technique but everyone
seems to be so distant that
nobody has realized it’s FULL
potential yet?

How many mailers or traffic
exchanges are you clicking
and surfing daily?

Have you ever surfed theZONE
on Herculist 1:1 ratio, 1 click
is 1 full visit back at your

It’s a Monster Safelist with
more than 20 YEARS of history
and it has incorporated its own
Traffic-Exchange with 117,000+
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On the other hand, have you
ever surfed for email ads on
Herculist, not clicking emails
on your INBOX, I am saying
surfing for credits and MAIL
*KEYS*? (unique feature)

You can collect easily 4 to
5 keys per day and send four
to five SOLO ADS to 117,000+
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From Herculist alone I generate
most of the signups, sales and
traffic to my Online Ventures!

You can do the SAME and it’s so damn EASY…

Learn from this and get ready
to EXPLODE your ads and
Visibility like NEVER before.

To Your 2021!
Talk Soon,

Andre Feldman

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Post to 116,000+ reps ALL DAY with HercuList..

Would you like to kill your
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Instead of logging in to
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Login to Herculist and
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After that take 5 min. and
SURF email ads from other
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(surfing not clicking)

ONLY 5 minutes surfing are
enough to collect 3 or 4
of these keys.

Each one allows you to
SEND another Mail Blast
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Generate Sales and New
Signups for your business
just like a HURRICANE!!!

Herculist submissions
deliver 72 hours of straight
Eyeballs Clicking, nonstop!

Imagine the AMOUNT of REPS
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It is JAW dropping advertising!!!

To YOUR Succe$$..

Andre Feldman

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Effortlessly bringing me SALES in 2020/2021..

Was 2020 a good year for
you in what respects traffic,
solo-ads, fresh new signups
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How many times did you
felt like GIVING-UP because
the results you got were
merely insufficient?

Real touchable MOOLAH
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gobs of EYEBALLS swamping
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And those BULLETS need to fire at your sites 24/7..

If you need a solid plan
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Start using ‘Herculist plus’ everyday from now on!!!

Safe-list pioneers who
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Your email ads are blasted
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When you browse ads from
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Herculist, on every few ads
Seen you earn KEYS!

1 KEY (equals) = 1 FREE @HercuList SOLO AD SUBMISSION!

This keys mailing feature
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No other platform comes
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Get your ADS to Work for YOU..

To a Successful 2021!
Happy New YEAR..

Andre Feldman

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Don’t lose TRAFFIC with Covid 19 (Watch Video).

Because of Covid 19 the
WORLD as we know has
changed completely.

Some TRAFFIC methods
are not producing like
they once did!

However, some great
advertising SOURCES had
an increase in quality,
ranking and results..

And that is why YOU should use Herculist Plus!

AROUND for 20+ years,
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Most Marketers Are Missing Out! Don’t Be One Of Them.

You have nothing to
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GAIN, believe me …

Start HUSTLING with
Herculist and spend
YOUR time generating
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This traffic is never
Over-Saturated, it is
U-N-R-E-A-L [….]

Watch carefully the
VIDEO of the link you’re
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Keep YOUR Ads booming!
Very Best Regards..

Andre Feldman

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Want to SELL more of your products?

When was the last time
you got good results from
your mailings?

How many times do you
feel like SCREAMING because
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Real TRAFFIC means floods
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If you need solid Visitors
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Try to Use: *Herculist PLUS*

Safe-list pioneers who
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Get your ads submitted
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SUBMIT your ads again with
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You browse other member ads
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1 KEY (equals) = 1 FREE @HercuList SUBMISSION

No other platform comes close
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Make you ADS Work!

To YOUR Success..
Stay Safe!

Andre Feldman

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