A True Long Term Revenue Sharing From Real Business

I for myself have never seen a more serious and legit RevShare Company like this before!! This Company has several external Income Streams to refinance the AdPacks and they will not stop to add more and more income streams.
Adpack 25 EUR, 10,000 views/ 100 clicks.
Matures at 30 EUR. 5 EUR profit.
Total 20% profit each adpack.
Daily profits fluctate depending on sales.
Click 10 ads daily (15 seconds each) to qualify.
2 levels referral commissions, 11% and 7%.
Earn every 30 minutes.
Many external income streams:
JobBooster, Internet Academy Europe, OneVision Card,
AdpackproBooster, + Many more to come.
AdPackPro is one of many high performing online marketing products made by OneVision Holding AG. This is a Swiss holding company registered in the national holding company registrar Moneyhouse.