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You’ve got a website of your own now, it reads:

What to do then?

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Sending Visitors to Your Site…

Although we suggest getting a New Domain Name (for computer savvy folks) and an Autoresponder …..

PLEASE KNOW that you do NOT need these in order to IMMEDIATELY promote your site, and start cashing in right away!

As soon as you become a paid member you are issued your own url (webpage) (Capture page coming up). This is all you need to tell others about your fantastic offer.

Why do we recommend a new domain name?:

#1 Get a New Domain Name: *This is a suggestion, not a must, mainly for those computer savvy folks….

There are a number of good reasons for creating a domain name and redirecting it to your own URL/site:

– A unique short name looks more professional than promoting a long url.

– People will be curious about the business you’re promoting.

– Places like Google AdWords prefer to list unique domains instead of affiliate links.

– You can redirect this domain name to your upcoming capture (squeeze) page if you choose to. Or you can have two domain names. One pointing to your URL/ web site and another to your capture page

– IF you are going to promote your site off-line (eg. via ads or classifieds in money making magazines, via postcards, business cards, etc.) we highly recommend that you get a new domain name to mask your long url name. Why? Because you want to make it easy for people to type it into their computer, you want to make it easy for them to remember.. and also, some people might type the first part of the url address only (yes! some people are that lazy) and it won’t go to your site if the URL is incomplete, in which case they will have to type your username in, before the program will allow them to join. (Of course propects won’t have this problem if they come from online promotions, they just click on your complete link and that’s it. ALWAYS USE YOUR COMPLETE URL -with your username- when sharing your offer)

Below are where to get new low cost and free domain names.

A. GoDaddy: We highly recommend to create your domain name. Because it only costs around $10 a year for a .com, they have been in business for