Promoting 5 Dollar Funnel? (READ NOW)

Last week I sent out an email
asking USA Lead Club members
on my team what program is
selling best for them.

Of the 126 responses, 99 of them
answered: 5 Dollar Funnel

We all know that USALC leads answer
a big YES to these 3 questions
before they are given to you:

1. Do you have a valid credit card? YES

2. Are you willing to invest AT LEAST
100.00 in the right opportunity? YES

3. Are you ready to get started within
the next 30 days? YES

So the leads have already committed to
investing 100.00 in a program.

So when they hear a pitch like 5 Dollar
Funnel they can’t HELP but JUMP on it!

Here’s what one USALC member told me:

Don. I joined 5 Dollar funnel and USA
Lead Club On the 1st of the month.
On my very first mailing to my 1st
set of 135 leads I enrolled 6 members.
On day 2 I enrolled 8. On Day 3
I enrolled 11.

These 25 people I personally enrolled
have already enrolled a total of
49 members on my levels 2-5.

USA Lead Club leads are eating up
the 5 Dollar Funnel offer and I
couldn’t be more excited!

Better yet I’m getting my new
5 Dollar Funnel signups to use
USA Lead Club which pushes my
downline DEEPER and DEEPER.

Wanna advance to the Leader Matrix?

How about the Mogul Matrix?

Well you’ll need a strong flow
of 1st level signups.

And from the looks of it,
5 Dollar Funnel heavy-hitters
are getting their signups
from USA Lead Club leads.

Perfect leads for the perfect
offer with PERFECT timing 🙂

Go, Go, Go!

Kick Butt and Make Mucho Dinero!

Donald Ward, MBA
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