Bitcoin BLASPHEMY – Jenna said WHAT?!

Susan, a reader of my safelist
ads, emailed me 2 weeks ago
with a VERY skeptical attitude
towards cryptocurrency opps.

She even went as far as saying
that Bitcoin opportunities are
a COMPLETE waste of time.

I replied..

That’s Bitcoin BLASPHEMY!

I got on the phone with her
within minutes and explained
to here that she’s simply
sending the WRONG type of
TRAFFIC to her cryptocurrency

Susan needed NEWSPAPER traffic.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
offers than safelist and
traffic exchange traffic.

She reluctantly took my advice
by creating an account with
Newspapers Alive the same

Today she called me with
an update.

Not only has she enrolled 17
people into her primary Bitcoin
offer, she joined 2 more crypto
offers and has enrolled over
10 new members into BOTH of
those as well!

If you aren’t using Newspaper
traffic you SHOULD BE 🙂

Jenna Pauley
(email me with questions. I won’t bite 🙂