618 clicks & 20 Sales WITHOUT Safelists??

Today is my 58th day with
Pennies 4 Profits, therefore
I now have access to 5800
premium biz opp leads.
(we get 100 leads per day)

Anyways, I don’t know if it
was a full moon or something
this weekend but I got the
absolute BEST conversions
I’ve seen in these 58 days.


I mailed 5600 leads
22% open rate (1232 opens)
324 clicks
37 optins
12 sales (55.00 x 12 = 660.00)


I mailed 5700 leads
24% open rate (1368 opens)
294 clicks
28 options
8 sales (55.00 x 8 = 440.00)

Yes, you read correctly.
Over 1000.00 in sales in
2 days from P4P leads.

Things just keep getting better
the longer I’m in P4P and the
more leads they give me.


1. P4P leads DON’T have incentive
to “click for credits” so the
reason for the high conversions
is because they have opted in
to receive info on biz opp and IM.

2. P4P gives you the ability to import
your leads into their provided mailer
and mail them every 24 hours. No 3rd
party software of services needed.

If you use safelist on ANY level,
you really owe yourself to create
a P4P account. Mailing people that
just want to “click for credits” is
fine and works on a small level..

But mailing “leads” that are “expecting”
to hear from someone just like you about
biz opp, IM or MMO’s. Now we’re on a
completely different level here 🙂


Jenna Pauley
Lead Consultant
email: mrs.jenna.pauley@gmail.com

– If you dont build your
dream, someone else will hire
you to help them build theirs –