21 Sales on Easter Sunday? TCT Spoils me Big Time!

Sunday is my day of rest.

I do NOTHING related to work.
(Especial on Easter Sunday!)

What really blows my mind up
into a gazillion tiny pieces
is how many sales TCT showered
down on me yesterday while I
was Easter egg hunting with
my Grand kids!

21… Real… Paying… Sales!

I kid you not.

1. On Saturday night I added
5 fresh links into the TCT
Traffic Shifter.

2. Just 10 minutes ago I checked
my stats on these 5 links and
I tallied up 21 commissions.

3. After I finish typing this email
I am off to the TCT Confirmation
Bay to fill out the survey on the
programs I got the sales in:
(Helps TCT Improve the Conversion
rates of the traffic for ALL of us)

I know you’ve seen TCT.

We all have!

But if you’re not getting Twice
Confirmed Traffic sent to your
links on a daily basis, you
are leaving green stuff on
the table.


Get More Green Stuff,

Jenna Pauley
(email me with questions. We won’t bite 🙂