Spend Or Withdraw Your Virtacoin Anywhere In Cash With A Prepaid Mastercard!


Ever dreamed of withdrawing or spending your Virtacoin anytime, anyday, and anywhere? Dream or imagine no further!
The fact that you can now spend your Virtacoin at any bitcoin outlet, is no more a news. We previously posted an article on how to spend your Virtacoin anywhere bitcoin is accepted, directly from your Virtacoin online wallet. It is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. And we hope you have been enjoying the new features.
Today however, I will like to break the news to you that in not too far from now, you can be able to spend or withdraw your Virtacoin in cash anytime, anyday, and anywhere using a neteller mastercard. This information was extracted from the Virtacoin reddit community page at VirtaCoin Reddit Forum. For more information or join the discussion, you are advised to visit the reddit forum.
We know this is one feature you have all been yearning for. And now it’s right in front of you. Be sure to share this news, and promote VirtaCoin to other people. Remember, this is the People’s Coin.