The Story Of Two Wealth Seekers …


“The Year Was 2009.
Two Young Men,
Fresh Out Of College,
Decided To Take The Road
Less Travelled By Seeking Their
Fortune On The World Wide Web.
They Were Very Much Alike.
Armed With A Shoestring Budget Of
$1000 Each, Both Of Them Were Filled
With Nothing More Than Raw Ambition
And A Burning Desire To Succeed
Fast Forward To Today…
One Of Them Is Now A Multi-Millionaire
Living The Ultimate Internet “Fantasy”
…Waking Up To No Alarm Clock
…Working Whenever He Wants, Wherever He Wants
…And Having All The Freedom In The World
To Pursue His Passions,
While Quite Sadly, The Other
Is Struggling Financially,
Up To His Nose In Credit Card Debt,
And Still Searching For That “Next Big Thing.”
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Anna Loredana Orlando
Let Me Introduce Myself: My Name Is
Anna Loredana. I Am On Internet Since Long…
Along My Way I Also Made Just Every Mistake
You Can… But Then I Learned In Time The
Right Strategies To “Be Free And Happy”.