Just Launched – Get Signups the Easy Way [FIRST_NAME]

I have a ground-breaking new launch to tell you about today that will change how most beginning digital marketers get signups and sales for their programs.
In today’s environment, almost no one buys from standard sales pages anymore.
If you have been promoting and trying to make money, then you will have experienced this first hand.
Each year, the old way of getting signups and sales is less effective. 
The reality is that people just don’t buy from strangers anymore.
They buy from people they TRUST.
To succeed and make sales, you have to create an audience of people who know, like, and trust you.
You do this by building an email list and then communicating with them to build a relationship, BEFORE you try to sell them anything.
The idea is simple, but the process of HOW to do it has always been difficult.
You had to be an expert at web page creation, copy-writing, and traffic in order to put together a funnel that converted traffic into subscribers.
Not anymore … because the NEW Your Viral List just launched.
Your Viral List takes all the complicated parts out of building an email list.
We even provide the ability to email your growing list.
We give you over 175 different professional lead capture funnels to promote, to build your list.
We provide all the tracking so you know where your signups are coming from.
We even provide you with the ability to email your growing list … WITHOUT paying for an auto-responder.
You just pick a lead capture funnel to promote and send traffic to it.
We turn your traffic into subscribers – That simple!
Right now, you can join the NEW Your Viral List and use the complete system as a Premium Member for 2 weeks free.
We will even give you a Supercharged Solo Ad as a free bonus that will let you send your promotion to 35,000 responsive business opportunity seekers.
We will give you the lead capture funnels and even the traffic to get started promoting to them.
It is like we are giving you subscribers to your list.
Click below and start building YOUR LIST of prospects and customers.
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David Hall