Leads Generated Through Expensive Facebook Campaigns

I’ve paid a small fortune upgrading
41 ad sites over the past year but
if I could choose only one…

I would choose Organic Prospects in
a New York minute.

Why Organic Prospects?

On top of the leads, clicks, and sales
they’ve sent me (lots) even BETTER is
they’re delivering leads that have been
collected running Facebook PPC campaigns.

If you didn’t know already, Facebook PPC
ads are the absolute best way to find people
who have high genuine interest in joining
MMO’s or affiliate programs.

Yesterday I got 13 emails THANKING me for
spreading the word on Organic Prospects.

I am truly stunned at all the love I’ve
received and I don’t take any of it for

Here’s how you can get started with OP:

1. Simply signup.

2. You then import a set
of 70 prospects into the
provided mailer.

3. Select your favorite email
copy and click “send”

The returns so far have been Incredible.

Just yesterday I messaged 5,110
people and had 3 of them pay
to join my program without even
contacting me first.

I’ve been waiting for a program
like this to come around FOREVER.

One that gives me Facebook leads
AND a super convenient method to
contact them each day.

No other ad source comes close.

Check it out now.


Christian Sanders

P.S. Thank-you for everyone’s emails.
Keep them coming! Questions?
Concerns? Need a sponsor? I’m
your guy.