Why people are rushing into IXQTV..


People who take the time to learn about IXQTV, jump in.

It’s just that simple.


Firstly, nearly 8,000 TV channels, including all the premium movie channels, kids channels, all the sporting events, including every NFL game, NBA, MLB, etc., all for $39 per month.

It’s not even a contest when compared to cable TV or satellite.

Also: IXQTV pays you every month for every customer and every Pro Account you enroll ($10 to $15 per month) IXQTV pays you every month on the customers and Pro Accounts they enroll.

See, they watch TV, you get paid.

It’s the easiest sale in the world. There is no need to explain what TV is. No long presentation. No “selling”. All you have to do is find out what people are paying for cable TV or satellite, or find those who would like to get paid for saving others money on their TV.

People don’t cancel their TV. Heck, I know people who’ve had their homes foreclosed who never canceled their TV service. Over 30 million people moved from cable TV and satellite to streaming TV in 2018.

There are almost 800 million remaining, still paying for cable TV or satellite. We are at the very beginning of a massive trend. We’ll capture just 0.5% of the market. That will be about 3.9 million people. You can be there, right at the top of that global media organization, if you can recognize and opportunity and if you’re willing to be coach-able and get to work.

After all, what better product could you have, what could be easier, than TV with far more channels, for 1/4 (or less) of the price of what they are already paying?


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Make the time to learn how this works.

And a year from now, we can laugh together about how you, “used to be broke.”


Garnett Banfield




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