The Ultimate Mailer Referral Builder

Hello ,

Recently John Bell launched a very cool tool called Mailer Ninja, one of the greatest things about Mailer Ninja is the ability to add your mailers, and your messages, then just simply log in each day and Mailer Ninja will keep track of where you left off, and remind you of what mailers you have to send that day.

But one of the not so obvious features is how great this site is at building your mailer downlines. All of the links on the site are rebranded with your affiliate links, so when you refer people to Mailer Ninja, you’ll be building your downlines at all the top mailers, including this one.


and as someone who uses mailers EVERY DAY I can guarantee you will love the way it:

– Helps you organize
– Keep track of your mailing schedule

as well as it’s HIDDEN POWER…. To Build Your Downlines.

See you there!