Be At The Top Of New Launch and Giant Business Opportunity January 2017

This GIANT Opens its Doors

Hi #FIRSTNAME#, I received this email from Tim and Randy.

Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas here.

They say that “Timing Is Everything” in business
and how true that is! Randy and I received a call
from the owner of a company that opens its doors
the first week in January, 2017.

This gentleman’s last company did over 1 Billion
Doll ars in business and we’ve known him for years
so we know his reputation of beng a caring, Christian
business owner. He was out of the Industry for 2 years
and now he’s back.

His new company with it’s ONE-OF-A-KIND product
technology will dwarf his last company and we’re all
at the TOP. We’re looking for people who want to
be at the very Top of this company with us!

Please go listen to this 12 minute video
from the owner and his wife
….this will shock you and I promise…
you will see your future…. complete the short
form and checkout the video.

Go here NOW:

After you see the video, if you are ready to get started
and LOCK DOWN your POSITION at the TOP with us,
click the PRE-ENROLL Button and fill out everything
choose a Product Package as that locks down your position
They will not bill or ship the products until January 3rd
…the day they Launch!

But, If you need more information, call or email me
and we’ll send it to you.

All the Best
Willard Brown