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Crypto Wealth Is Being Redistributed…Here’s why you should join CryptoWealthPortfolio Inc.

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Over the last 90 days, we have seen some of the biggest investors in the world flood into cryptos:

Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs announced that it would launch a crypto trading desk.
Susquehanna, the 12th-largest trading firm in the world by volume, announced it would start trading cryptos, too. The firm even went as far as creating its own custody company to hold its cryptos.
Billionaire investor George Soros, one of the world’s greatest moneymakers, gave the green light to his team to buy cryptos.
Coinbase%u2014one of the world%u2019s largest crypto exchanges%u2014launched a crypto index fund for wealth investors and institutions.
Financial services company State Street said it’s considering acting as a custodian for bitcoin. State Street has $2.7 trillion under management.
Wellington Capital, with over $1 trillion of assets under management, stated its intention to start trading bitcoin.
The Rockefeller family venture capital firm, Venrock, said it’s also buying cryptos.
Every important lawyer I talk to in the investment space is overwhelmed with crypto questions from their institutional clients.

That%u2019s just the latest evidence that institutions are trying to get into this market.

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