The Best Free Keyword Research Tool (Better Than Keyword Planner)

“Keyword Planner is free, so why get another

keyword tool?” you ask? You might not be aware

that Google hides most of the best keywords…

Not just in Keyword Planner, but also in Google

Analytics and all their other tools. They simply

don’t want you to “figure it out”, because it’s

not in their interest.

That’s why we built WordZe, a free yet powerful

keyword research tool that will help discover

thousands of keywords, including hidden keywords

you wouldn’t normally find with Keyword Planner

and many other (paid) keyword tools.


With WordZe you can:

– Find hundreds of keyword ideas with the push

of a button (ALL countries available)

– Get all the key metrics: search volumes, CPC

& traffic values, competition levels…

– Discover thousands of hidden keywords (long

tail) & start dominating your niche!

– ALL your results will be automatically saved

(for later use), free of charge

This is the best free keyword tool, ever.

WordZe also comes with a starter guide packed

with how to’s and tips, so whether you are

experienced or are a complete beginner, keyword

research will not have any secret for you.

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No credit card details required.

What people say about WordZe:

“With just 1 search, I was able to find 7

hidden keywords. My competitors have no idea

about them. I was able to rank for 4 of them

in the top 3 of Google. My traffic has nearly

doubled. Great tool guys!” Harry – UK

WordZe might not stay free much longer, so get

your free account now before it becomes a paid