Easy Funnels with SMS Chat and More!


We all know that there are platforms out there to help us in
creating capture pages and funnels. Some are garbage and some
are just way too complex.

Well LeadJumper has just changed everything, just look at the
system they just released… you get it all!

Easy Funnels
-> Create Up To 10 Funnels, Unlimited Opt-Ins
-> Multiple Pre-Built Funnels To Choose From
-> Multiple Funnel Templates To Choose From
-> Inline Editors Allowing Easy Formatting
-> Style Your Background, Colors And Text
-> Activate SMS Verification On Your Funnels
-> Aweber, GetResponse, GoGVO & MailChimp Ready
-> Use Of Your Domain Name On Your Funnels
-> Add Google Analytics With Use Of Your Domain
-> All Funnels Scaled Perfectly For Mobile Devices

SMS Chat
-> You Are Provided With Your Own Virtual SMS Number
-> System Invites Opt-Ins To Respond To Your Offer
-> Manage Multiple Conversations From Your SMS Dashboard
-> Display Of New Inbound Messages From Your Opt-Ins
-> Timed Message History Of Each SMS Opt-In Conversation
-> Fully Manage & Download Your SMS Opt-In List
-> Displays The Funnel Your SMS Opt-In Came Through

Easy Blog
-> Your Own True Sub-Domain Blog Platform
-> Customize Your Blog Template In Minutes
-> Add Google Analytics And Social Sharing
-> Allow Comments On Your Blog Posts
-> Your Posts Auto-Configured For Search Engines
-> Upload Images For Use On Your Posts
-> Add Widgets To Your Blog In Seconds
-> Includes Your Own Personal Contact Page
-> Your Blog Scaled Perfectly For Mobile Devices
-> Connected To A True Network Blog System

Did you see that… verified SMS opt-ins with a built-in
chat system. And the system is designed so that even a
beginner can use it and look like a pro.

Plus their Easy Blog platform is designed to increase your
rankings online. This thing can be used as a stand alone or
to support your main blog or website.
This system is going to blow you away…

Vijay Kumar