Email Marketing Done for You


This system is created by Bobby B and he has made money online every single day for the last 8 years straight, including over $1.4 Million Dollars in 2014 using email marketing.

This entire system is completely free. You will not pay a single dime for the system or any of the training. The only thing you have to pay is $10 to the email sending company so they can set up your email account.

He gets thousands of new people to put on his email lists. As he cannot personally set up enough email sending accounts to be able to email all of the people that he generates every single day he has a system to clone himself and send emails that he generates.

Here is the link:

So he shares the email sending accounts, he set everything up, and he pays you for maintaining the email account and generating clicks. You will spend about 10 minutes a WEEK maintaining the account, and you get paid for every single click you generate.


ALL you have to do is sign up for an Email Sending account with EmailResponsePros and get the username and password. As soon as you get your EmailResponsePros Username and Password and enter it in the members area you will get a 100 Bucks sign up bonus to your commissions! It’s all explained in the videos in the members area

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