Are you promoting YOU, [FIRST_NAME]?

Are you finding the success you want online?

If you are, you probably don’t need to read the rest of this message.

However, if you do not feel you have arrived yet, think about this:

Everything else is secondary, [FIRST_NAME].

Actually, most anything else you do in your online escapades may be taking you AWAY from success instead of closer to it.

Promoting programs helps to make the program owner rich – but may or may not help YOU get there.

You have no control over when or IF the wonderful opportunity you are telling others about will change the rules – or even disappear. Either way will make your life more difficult, not easier.

But if every message you send, every ad you post, every activity you do features something about YOU – not just a particular program – you will gradually have more and more people who will pay attention to what you have to offer.

More people paying attention to you = a bigger bank account and more time freedom.

You want recurring income. Right?

You want to be able to continue earning money long after you have done some initial work to “get things going”. Correct?

It all starts with promoting you – not any particular opportunity.

Please take a look at my site here.

This will give you Endless Residual Income.

Analyze what you see there.

Notice the first thing you see is my name and photo (along with a short message.)

Down below that is a list of some of the programs I am in.

BUT – those programs are secondary!

We don’t know how long ANY business will last. (I think each of those that I list are good, or I would not be in them. Yet no one knows what may happen tomorrow.)

So the number one thing to promote is YOU (or in my case, me.) Then whatever happens with any program you are in, you just modify your site and continue merrily on your way to your promised land.

You need to have a similar site – featuring YOU first, programs second.

I encourage you to make yourself a page similar to this:

Then you will have – Endless Residual Income.

It is easy to do. You will be amazed at how easy it will be to find your own winning, recurring, residual income.

James Sloan