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This GIANT Opens its Doors

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Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas here.

They say that “Timing Is Everything” in business
and how true that is! Randy and I received a call
from the owner of a company that opens its doors
the first week in January, 2017.

This gentleman’s last company did over 1 Billion Doll ars
in business and we’ve known him for years so we know
his reputation of beng a caring, Christian business owner.
He was out of the Industry for 2 years and now he’s back.

His new company with it’s ONE-OF-A-KIND product
delivery technology will dwarf his last company and
we’re all at the TOP. We’re looking for people who
want to be at the very Top of this company with us!

If you want more information and a chance to reserve
a position at the Top with us, click on the ….
in this e-mail NOW!

Please feel fr e e to call with any questions.

Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas